Chapter One

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Aaron Wade Clark cursed as he turned around to face his security team. How could they not track down a supermodel, a woman who had her face plastered on every billboard all over the USA? Despite him being a billionaire and business tycoon, the CEO of Clark enterprises, a company spanned all over the world dealing in top class casinos and hotels, he was starting to feel hopeless.

"Aaron, we have been trying from the past three days but there has been no sign of Olivia." His head of security and his best friend Dante said.

Aaron glared at Dante and pulled his tie loose as he lowered his 6 feet plus frame into the chair across from his team, four others plus Dante Steele.

"I don't care. I want my fiancée located and back. She is carrying my child for Christ's sake!" Aaron roared. All the men flinched except for Dante who leveled his friend with a glare.

"Gentlemen" Dante said as he face the security team "Please give me a moment with Mr. Clark, till then proceed as I had explained before this meeting" The team got up and left the two men in the office.

Dante ran a hand through his hair and sat back down. He looked at his best friend. They had been together since they were kids, going all the way back to middle school. Dante took in Aaron's appearance. His dark brown hair was all over the place and his steel grey eyes had bags under them.

"Look man" Dante started but was cut off by Aaron

"What if it was Rose?" Aaron asked quietly.

Dante looked down and twirled his wedding band. He knew he would have torn down the world in half if it would have been his wife Rosalie.

"Finally I thought things were going good. I had proposed, she had accepted and two weeks later we found out we were expecting our first child but same day she vanishes into thin air" Aaron said.

His and Olivia relationship was complicated. She was his priority but to her career was her priority and then Aaron but he never felt bad about that. He loved her too much. He was proud of her to achieve such a platform. This year she was going to be running for Ms. Universe due to which they had postponed the marriage.

From the beginning of their relationship which spanned over four years, Olivia had made sure that Aaron got the fact that she wasn't going bear any children. She couldn't put her body through that but Aaron had presumed it was because it was just the beginning of her career and eventually once they fell into pace she would be ready for a family.

So four days ago when he had walked into their house they owned together in the Upper East Side, he was elated to found two pregnancy tests that were positive dumped on their bathroom floor but when he had called out to her, only silence greeted him back. As he finally got down from cloud nine he had noticed that their wardrobe was ravaged as Olivia had hurriedly packed and left. He had tried calling her but there was no reply from her side. He even called her best friend Alicia but she denied hearing from her. He knew this pregnancy must have come as shock to her as she was head on dealing with the preparations for the pageant but he knew they could work something out. They always did. However here he was three days later without any sign of his pregnant fiancée.

"Aaron---"Dante started but was cut off as the office door burst open and Kayson, the tech whizz of their team, barged in.

"Mr. Clark, we found Ms. Miller."

Elaine Sparks rubbed her neck as she straightened herself from the desk she had slept on.

"Damn it" She muttered as she tried to massage her stiff neck. She looked down the medical textbooks and research paper scattered all over her desk. The reality hit her like a brick wall and her chest constricted. She took deep breaths to ease the pain in her chest.

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