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Nico could swear he felt a breath of air cool his face when will spoke. but.. wouldnt that mean... Nico disregarded the thought and slumpt forward. He was exhausted, sexually frustrated, and goddamn nervous. who knew when piper would get back at him?

"Will? Isnt it your turn?" Nico looked up to Will whos eyes were now sweeping across the room, landing on leo. 


"Oh yeah baby!" Leo rubbed his hands together, and smirk growing on his elvish face, "dare bro!"

"Oh.. um okay.." Nico could practically see the gears turning in his head, and could narrow down the point to when it seemed he accepted the fat he was lost. "i dare you to chose truth because i freaking suck at this" he chuckled and a couple people laughed as Leo flopped onto the floor. 

"Fine solace!" Leo huffed, "what is your question?" Will looked him in a eye, a smirk growing in his eyes.

"how many time have you been turned down by a girl in this past... oh i dont know... month?"

Leo grumbled out a stuttering number '4' and the group chuckled, but now, now it was Leos turn. Not being close to Leo, nico was shocked when his name came popping out of the latinos mouth. 

"wait what?" the group chuckled slightly. 

"Truth or dare, nico." Nico was nervous. he didnt want to take off more clothing, most of the people were still dressed, but truths could be brutal whereas dares just embarassing, and so, Nico chose the latter. "ahh, someone is a bit confident" leo thought for a moment, them looked at piper and watched her nod. "Nico, i dare you to go to the Aphrodite cabin and get a makeover -- and they can do /whatever/ they want."

"Gods no." Nico crossed his arms but the group started to chant, egging him on. 


"Alright!" Nico stood and crossed his arms over his chest, embarassed. "Can i at least put on my shirt to walk over there?" 

Leo shrugged. "Makes no difference to me, vampkid" 

Nico rolled his eyes at the comment and shrugged on his tee, folded nicely to his right. 

"Ill go with him to make sure he does it!" Piper squealed, jumping up and dragging him out of the cabin. 


Arriving at the cottage, Nico rolled his eyes as Piper pushed him and spoke. 

"Ladies and gentleman... we have a makeover!" Nico practically went deaf after that. After being washed, dried, trimmed, changed (more like forcibly stripped them re-dressed) The children of the love goddess seemed content. 

"Damn, Nico.." One of the boys spoke up. "if i was'nt violently straight i wouldve --"

"Okay!!!" Thank you jake!" Piper eyed him and started to push Nico out of the cabin, Nico not even seeing his new look yet. 

Arriving back at Zues' cabin, Piper put her hands together and in front of her mouth and blanched, "Oh my /gods/ nico, you look amazing." Nico cursed himself for blushed and rubbed at the back of his neck.

"You sure? please tell me i dont look like some ken doll, or something."

"Oh, nico." Piper winked, "You look like a god" she gave him one last smile and pushed him into the cabin.  

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