Stingy gets real.

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After you got to know everybody, you went to the swings. Stingy, the oh so sexyness, went to the swing next to you.  "Hey sex- I mean, stingy!"
They blushed while saying hi back.
while he wasn't looking, you ha e yourself hundreds of facepalms.

Stingy Pov👅
Oh! Duh... I own everything that I see! So that means....👥👥
I looked at (Y/N). She was swinging so sexily.....😆💧
I jumped off the swings and stopped her from swing very sharply, causing her to fall out and land on her stomach a few feet in front of the swings.

Your POV
"Stingy... Why did you do tha-" you were interrupted by him putting one of his feet on your back, forcing you to stay on the ground.
"Ah ah ah, (Y/n) you must call me 'Master' now, alright?"
"Stingy, let-"
He pushed his foot harder on your back.
"Master...," you blushed as you said that. "why are you doing this? " he got down on his legs and whispered into your ear,
"B e c a u s e  y o u  a r e  m i n e"

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