Meeting everyone

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"Hey! Are you the new person that moved here?" Ask a small blond hair kid. You nodded. "Sweet! I'm Ziggy! Have you met anyone else?" You shook your head," No. You the first person I met!"
"Follow me then !" He said, waddling away.
You giggled at Ziggy, then ran to catch up to him.
A girl with pink hair ran up to you. "Hello! I'm Stephanie! Who are you?"
"(Y-Y/N)..." You spoke.
"That s a cool name! Hey guys," she yelled waving to a bunch of other kids," Someone new moved here!"
They all ran to you and started asking questions.
Except one. He was super sexy and had a yellow vest on. His hair was perfect and eyes were so bold.

???? POV
Oh no.... She is so beautiful! Those eyes, her hair, I can't take it! I-I need to say hi....
She started to talk. Omg her voice is so sexy! I-I need her to marry me......
"Hello. My name is stingy," I said to her.
"Hi Stingy! " she answered.

Your POV
Omg his voice... So sexy.... I want him to love me...

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