Inspired Song: Where'd You Go by: Fort Minor ----> It really really sets the mood and feel for this chapter.

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Part Two

Five Years Later

Chapter Thirty One- Where'd You Go? I Miss You So.

"But if I know you, I'll know what you'll do. You'll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream! Play it again! Play it again Mummy!"

I sighed, as the song switches to the next one and fills the car with yet another Disney song, "Lily you've heard it a thousand times."

I saw her pout in my rearview mirror. "It's my birthday! I can listen to whatever I want!"

I laughed at her with her little arms crossed over her chest and her eyes glaring at me. "Alright, alright birthday girl" I chuckled out replaying 'Once Upon A Dream' from Sleeping Beauty.

Her tough exterior crumpled and her tiny voice filled the car once more. I can already feel a headache coming. I turn down our street and hear Lily's gasp, "Look at all the cars Mummy!"

I laughed at her reaction "I know baby girl, I know."

Our house is one of the biggest on the streets. We moved back to England when Lily was two. We spent months searching for our own house, but eventually just built our own on a lot of a newly rising neighborhood. I love our street. It only has eight houses which are all fairly big. It's nice because there are two families with kids, so that Lily has someone to play with, and its out in the country near where Tom's parents live so Lily doesn't have to grow up in the city, and it's closer to where Clay resides with Karen. The house is smaller than Dan's, which is barely used anymore, though it's still much bigger than a normal house.

It has a long pebbled walk way up to three small brick steps to the front double doors which have long glass windows with the glass cut out in the form of lilies, causing when the light shines through to create lilies on the hard wood floor of the foyer. The foyer goes straight underneath the two split off stair cases, that are wooden on the railing and carpet on the actually part where your feet touch, to the massive living room. The whole back wall of the living room is large windows viewing the back yard. There is two couches that are placed in the middle of the room facing each other to the right of the fireplace, which above it has an oval mirror that almost reaches the ceiling of the house. The living room curves around to the right into a more normal living room where there is a flat screen television along with another couch and two recliners flanking it. In the corner there is a door into the backyard.

Behind the wall, that breaks off the living room into the hallway beside the stairs, is Tom's office which has little but a desk, computer, and two leather chairs. Across the foyer from Tom's office is the dining room where there is a long rectangular table with eight chairs surrounding it, and two small thrown chairs and a table facing the windows to the front yard.

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