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Invisible - Reading

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  • Dedicated to To all my sisters and brothers who went through this time with me

[This was written in respect of all who have and are going through a dark patch in their lives... I have been there and I can honestly tell you, as a surviver of depression... There is a light, there is a end, there is something beautiful on the other side of the tunnel, hang in there, my prayers are with you my sisters and brothers... be strong, trust me, it is worth it)


I search for a hero to heal the brokenness inside

 My heart torn into pieces I can't put together on my own

 But with bloody hands I try anyway, alone and in the dark...

 Everyone sees what they want,

 they see whats on the outside

 Never what's in my eyes

If you would just pay attention,

 look at the signs I'm taking time to show

 While I'm too afraid to ask for help,

 scared of how you would react.

If I try to show, what I truly feel

 Would you use mockery and cast me aside?

Is there not one there to hear?

 Is there no one left to see?

 Is there anyone around, who would dare to care for me?

There are voices now, that demand me to listen,

 Telling me to do things to make people see

 But what do I have to become to get you to take notice?

 How far do I have to fall for you to offer a hand?

 Why do my cries go unheard, my tears unseen?

What have I done to be ignored by everyone...

How did I become invisible?

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