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"Where are we even going?"

"Going to see my parents? Duh?"

"But I don't even recognize this place?"

"Well, that's sad and good I guess."


"We're almost there, just be patient and keep walking."

"..Should have took my car.."

"Oh, you need the exercise. Plus, I hate driving, especially in a piece of junk."

"First of all, are you calling me fat? And secondly, Fernanda is not a piece of junk! She's my piece of junk."

"Ew. Don't smirk like that and make your voice sound like she's some girl you bring home when you feel like it. Also, Fernanda? As in, like, Fernanda Ford? Seriously?"

"Yeah, don't judge it."

"And just when I thought you couldn't get any more childish."


"Hurry up you sloth. Just around the block."

"There's no houses up there though."



"I'm confused."

"I'll check that off the list for today."

"No, like, literally. Riley, if you're trying to murder me, can you let me know so I can run?"

"Yeah, when I make up my mind whether to use something I find or just my hands."

"Thank you... I think."

"Ah, here we are."

"Your parents live in a Church?"

"Nope. Follow me."



"This is where they live."



"..Riley, this is a graveyard."

"Not just any graveyard. My parents are, just over there."




"Here. Janice and Thomas Emerson."



"Riley. Your parents aren't.. alive?"

"They're dead. Say it, Kale."

"Riley, why didn't you say so. You didn't have to.. drag me here."

"You wanted to meet them. Remember, no 'cares'."

"My gosh, Riley."


"This sucks."

"Excuse me?"

"This. Your parents are dead. That must suck.."

"Kale, I said I don't want your pity or sympathy before. No 'cares'. It's whatever."

"Are you being serious right now?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Your freaking parents are dead, Riley! How are you acting so chill?"

"I know they're dead, Kale! You don't have to scream it in my face! I'm chill because it's my fault.."


"When I 'moved out', I was just staying with a 'friend'.."


"I got drunk at a party and called them apologizing and crap, then they came to pick me up after I told them where I was. I have no idea why they both came. Stupid choice."


"Then I was waiting, my 'friend' left me there and I was stuck with a bunch of random drunk kids. Parents never showed up, I later just walked to my 'friends' house and my.. brother was there.. He was crying and I just kind of knew. I kind of felt it.. Then he told me what happened and I just froze, I guess. My 'friend' tried to comfort me but it was really his fault. He said he wouldn't let me get drunk or leave me alone.. But he did..."

"Riley, you don't have-"

"This was all, about a year ago. Lots has happened.. My brother and I split our parents earnings at a service thing and we never got around to a funeral for them. I have an apartment in a local hotel near my school and my brother took my dad's spot in his job after college. He travels a lot, has a family now I'm pretty sure. We don't talk that much anymore.. And then recently we had the funeral, more of a memorial. And I saw him and we just.. looked at each other. Almost for ten minutes I'd say.. And I don't know if he knew I needed it, or if he needed it, but he hugged me. Never said anything, just did that and kind of waved and went. I stayed home for the next couple days and then went to the coffee shop and met with you. And that's kind of where it ends."

"Riley, you didn't have to tell me that.."

"Yeah, I did. It felt good. Thanks, coffee Kale."


"Let's go back to the shop now, I left my hot chocolate.. Its probably cold now."


"What, coffee Kale?"

"I'm sorry."

"No you aren't. It didn't happen to you."

"No, I am. I kind of know the feeling. My mom left after my sister was born, wasn't even from my dad, some other guy. Dropped her on me and left. I feel like she might as well be dead.. and my dad, he can't even think properly. So, my aunt raises my sister and I stay at home looking out for my dad and working to support the house and myself, putting what little money I can for my sister when she's older. And I sometimes do overtime for work, and have to skip school. It's too much money but I'd like to at least graduate."

"I'm older than you? No way."

"Guess so."

"Don't smile like that."

"What, why?"

"Because it makes me want to have the 'cares' for you."

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