[5] An invitation

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I stared at the envelope for a good minute before opening it, inside was a golden invitation, with white and black roses along the border. "Chloe's birthday sleepover party, starting today, 6:00 PM, Burgois hotel, ladybug themed." I had to re-read the last part, i was just invited to Chloe's birthday party, and its LADYBUG themed, which slightly filled me with excitement but that the same time made me extremely nervous, i'm not sure if my dad will let  me go, but i suppose i can text him and ask him right now.

I dug through my bookbag and pulled out my phone, going into messages and texting my dad; "Hey, dad! I know it may seem a bit sudden but a friend of mine has just invited me to a slumber party, are you alright with me going?" I typed out, then sending it before closing my phone and stuffing it back into my bag. I walked up the stairs and into the school, and headed towards my classroom, taking a seat next to Alya, Adrien behind me, "Hey, girl!" Alya said, smiling brightly. "Hi, Alya." I responded, smiling lightly.

"Did you hear about Ladybug and lord ember?" Alya asked. "I got a clip of them and put it on my blog!" She said excitedly. "O-oh.. yeah! I saw it!" I replied, smiling awkwardly. "And wasn't it so cute how Ladybug hugged Chat noir! I'm startig to ship them!" She said, a big smile on her face. This made my face tint pink. "Um.. ship them?" Me and Adrien said at the same time, i suppose he was listening to our conversation. "Yes! Duh! I might even make fanart!" Alya said cheerfully, a dorky grin plastered on her face.

Adrien and I both made an awkward expression, although i'm not quite sure why Adrien made one. "Uh.. i'm not too sure you should do that." I said nervously. "Why not, if i can't draw it i could just pay Nathaniel to do it." She replied. I thought for a moment, i mean, i couldn't just tell her i was Ladybug! "Well, um.. What if it made them uncomfortable and they didn't like it?" I said, hoping that was a good enough reply. "Oh, yeah! You're totally right!" Alya said, i let out a sigh of relief.

"I'll just ask them if they're okay with me making fanart!!" Alya continued, placing the grin right back on her face. "You go do that.." i said with a nervous smile, scratching the back of my neck. Then, Nino walked in. He scooted past Adrien and sat next to him. "Sup, bro!" He said. Adrien smiled softly. "Hey, Nino." He replied, i wasn't really listening to i heard Nino say something. "Hey, dude, the new ladybug is pretty hot, huh? Shes bangin!" He said, i felt my face get hot. Only to get more red when Adrien replied with; "Yeah, i guess so." He let out a quiet laugh.

"Bro!! I was just joking! I'm dating Alya!" He said, letting out a loud laugh that almost hurt my ears. "Oh... right." Adrien replied. "Oh i see bro, you've got the hots for the new Ladybug." Nino said, i could see Adrien's face tinting pink and Nino wiggling his eyebrows at a fast pace. How does one move their eyebrows that fast? Just then the rest of the students walked in and shortly after that the teacher did as well.

Time skip to after school

I checked my phone and saw that my dad had replied to my text with. "Sure, but come back early tomorow." He had responded, i quickly texted back; "Okay, thanks, dad!" And closed my phone. I walked over to my house. One inside, i let Tikki out of my bag. The small kwami quickly flew out of my bookbag and smiled. "So, (Y/N), you're going to Chloe's party?" Tikki asked, following me up the stairs. "Yeah, i think so." I responded. "But i need to pack for it since it is sleeopver." I continued. Tikki nodded. "I need something fancy, it's a fancy party after all." Tikki smiled. "I think i can help with that!"

Tikki flew into my closet and came back out, struggling to hold what seemed to be a dress. I quicly took it from her and smiled. "Thank you, Tikki." I said. "No problem, (Y/N)!" She replied. I'm not gonna lie, the dress she picked out was gorgeous, at least in my opinion. It was a (F/C) strapless dress, with a silver bow that seperated the top and bottom part of the dress, while the skirt had ruffled. Luckily, i had a bow to match. It was a (F/C) bow, with a small silver fake diamond in the middle. I went into my closet and grabbed a small, (F/C) purse which was enough for Tikki, My wallet, my phone, and a few other things.

I walked down the stairs, then opened my purse for Tikki to fly in. Once she flew in, i left the house, and walked to the Burgois hotel, apparently owned by Chloe's father, the mayor. When i arrived at the hotel, there was already a bit of a line infront of the building, red ropes and a red carpet leading inside the building. There were bodygaurds outside, which i could only assume were to make sure only people invited could come inside, i walked to the end of the line, with a light smile on my face.

Not long after a white limousine pulled up infront of the school, i then saw a blond haired boy climb out of it and the limo drove away, i shortly realized it was Adrien, i smiled and waved at him. She noticed this and walked over to me, since no one else had gotten behind me in line. "Hey, (Y/N)!" He said. "Hi, Adrien!" I said, he was wearing a white tuxedo with a black tie, but he didn't seem happy about it. "My father made me wear this. "It's a fancy party, and i'm not letting you wear anything other then this." He said, copying his fathers words. i had assumed that.

"Oh, that sucks, but you look nice." I responded, attempting to make him feel better. He smiled, "thanks, you too." He responded, we didn't really say anything else much, i really did want to be friends with Adrien, but i never really could figure out how to talk to him, although, at the same time, it felt as if i already knew him. "I know this is a bit of a random question, but do you know anything about the "new" Ladybug by any chance?" He asked suddenly, at first, i didn't really know how to respond. "Oh, um, sort of, why do you ask?" I asked him. "Oh.. i was just curious, you are friends with Alya after all, she does seem to know a lot about her." He said.

"Heh, yeah, she does." I said. Then it was silence until i arrived at the front of the line. "Hello, please state your name." The security gaurd said in a deep tone. "Oh, (Y/N), (Y/N) (L/N)." I said, a nervous expression on my face. The security looked down at the paper for a moment. Then, without looking up, he said; "ah, (Y/N), step right in." He said, unclipping the rope, allowing me to walk inside the hotel.

(AN, PLEASE READ: oh my goodness, i'm so sorry for the inactivity. It's been months since i've last posted and i feel bad, i've been working on this chapter for a while but procrasination gets the best of me. Originally, i was going to make this a super long chapter, but then realized it would make more sense to split it into two parts, so watch out for the next chapter, which i hope to get out soon. I was taking a look at older chapters and wow my writing skills have improved, i found a lot of grammar errors that i need to fix eventually. I wanted to thank you all for staying supportive, i know a lot of people have put this in their reading lists, and if you're one of those people, thank you! It always makes me happy to see people enjoying my work. The story is going to get a lot better from here on out as my writing skills have improved so much. If you have any suggestions, thoughts, or opinions, feel free to let me know. And thanks for almost 2K reads, i really appericiate it! Anyways i guess thats it for the long rant.. author out)

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