Chapter 5: Second Family

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Once Danny, Dani, and Fright Knight exited the portal, they were swarmed by the ghosts of the ghost zone. All were there to welcome Danny back. Among the crowd was Pandora, Princess Dorathea, Frostbite and the ghost yeti people of the Far Frozen, and Clockwork. Danny smiled at the warm greeting he received from his people. He wanted his citizens to see him as a fair and caring leader, not the new Pariah Dark. Clockwork came up to him shifting to his young adult form.

"Daniel, we welcome you home at last. It is good to finally see you." he said to Danny. Danny smiled and flew up to him, and wrapped him in a tight hug. To him, Clockwork was his father figure, the one of few ghost he looked up to and trusted to help guide him into making the right decisions. Danny let a few tears slip past his eyes.

"I missed you all so much, I thought I would never see any of you again." he said releasing Clockwork as he wiped the tears from his eyes.

"Well, we will discuss what happened later. Until then, your people would like to have a festival celebrating your return." Clockwork said gesturing to the enormous crowd of ghosts.

"If it pleases them, then of course." Danny said smiling. An uproar of approval sounded from the crowd as the ghosts began to set up for festivities. Pandora and Princess Dorathea came over to Danny and Clockwork. Pandora wrapped Danny in a four armed hug.

"Oh Daniel, we have missed you so. It pained us greatly when you went missing and even more so when we were not able to locate your whereabouts." she said to Danny with sad eyes.

"There is nothing to worry about now that I'm here. After the festivities I will explain what had happened." Danny said. Just like Clockwork being Danny's father figure, Pandora was Danny's mother figure. She was very protective over Danny and whoever threatened him. As soon as he was declared prince of the Ghost Zone and soon-to-be-king, she became even more protective. Most of Danny's old enemy's like Skulker, Ember, Johnny Thirteen, Kitty, and other rival or enemy ghosts let bygones be bygones and decided not to cause any more trouble or grief in the human realm and Ghost Zone, for fear on getting on Pandoras bad side like the Box Ghost. Even Walker wouldn't bother him!

"Yes, let us enjoy this momentous occasion before we spoil it." Princess Dorathea said placing a hand on Danny's shoulder. Dorathea, or Dora as she was called, was like an older sister to him. She took very good care of him and was always able to find some way to cheer him up when he was upset.

"Come on Dad! Let's have some fun!" Danielle said pulling Danny around the crowds of ghosts.

"Dani! Slow down before you crash into something!" Danny yelled laughing.

"Well I have a surprise for you so we have to go quickly!" Dani said with a smile. Once she finished dragging Danny she released him and flew over to one of the many small rocks that floated around the Ghost Zone. On this one though, there was something tall being covered by a sheet.

"Danielle what is this?" Danny asked. She smiled at him and flew up to the sheet before yanking it off. Underneath it was a giant tapestry with Danny's whole ghost family, his best friends and sister. Danny was in the middle with Danielle and Dora on either side of him and Clockwork and Pandora were behind him. Sam and Tucker sat in front with huge genuine grins on their faces with Jazz in the middle of them. Danny's eyes widened and teared up.

"Do you like it?" Dani asked. Danny looked over to her and smiled. He floated over and pulled her into a hug.

"I love it. So much. Thank you Dani." Danny said, silent tears slipping down his face. "Did you make this yourself?" he asked pulling away.

"I had help from Dora. She knows a lot about tapestry weaving believe it or not." Dani said with a smile. Danny chuckled and looked back at the tapestry.

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