7 - Awful Dates and Dumb Boys

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Lauren was fuming on the way to the radio station. Part of her wasn't even sure why she was so mad. It's not like Austin did anything to Camila to make her mad at him, but it's just so infuriating as to why he can be such a douchebag and yet keep the most amazing girl.

Granted the things he'd been doing all day for their date seemed nice but totally out of character. What she couldn't understand was why Austin was only now starting to pull out the big guns to keep Camila and not early on in their relationship or after all the times he was a prick and cheated on her. There has to be some alternative motive for him to still want to be with the red head even though he keeps running off and doing things that hurt her. She couldn't figure it out, she thought about it the entire walk to the ratio station and only came up with loose strings.

Of course she wanted Camila to be happy, but she doesn't think she's actually happy with him. Who in their right mind would actually be happy with someone who constantly blows you off or cheats on you? It didn't add up. There had to be something else as to why Camila stayed with him and why Austin still thought he wanted to be with her. Lauren really wanted to catch him in the act of doing something dumb, but where is that going to get her? She's said almost all she could possibly say to the brunette by this point and it hasn't changed anything. The only thing left would be to tell her that she loved her.

This thought made her stop right in her tracks. Love her? Do I really love her? Is that what this is? The thought of loving Camila Cabello scared her more than anything. Relinquishing the control of your heart and soul and allowing someone to take full rein over your world takes a lot of faith, which Lauren wasn't sure she could give to anyone. It's not because she's had a bad experience or doesn't believe in such things as love. But the whole idea of someone having so much control over your world is one of the scariest things and it often times happens without you realizing it. Camila already had this great unknown power over Lauren without the brunette even noticing. Sometimes she wondered if the red head actually knew how much she could get away with and actually uses it to her advantage. Even if she did there wasn't much that Lauren could do about it anyways, it's almost impossible to ignore or say no to the girl.

Then there's the real problem. She didn't really know how she could have fallen in love with the other woman when the red head clearly wanted to be with Austin. I'm in love with someone I can never have. How fucked up is that? The brunette continued walking as her mind did laps around the entire situation. She wants to be with Camila and would do everything in her power to do right by the red head, but she can't do anything to sabotage the red heads relationship with Austin because that could potentially be unforgivable by the bubbly girl.

Lauren was so into her thoughts, that her body went on autopilot the rest of the way to the radio station and she didn't notice Luis when she got in. He was giving her a quizzical look noticing that she clearly didn't know he was even in the room. He knew she just came from Bella's practice so he was thinking maybe something happened there, whatever it is he planned on getting her out of her funk.

"What's got you so extra introverted today?"

Lauren's head shot up and her eyebrows rose in a surprised manner. It was clear at that moment, she didn't know she even walked into the station, let alone knew the other brunette was there. She looked down at the floor and shook her head.

"Oh nothing, just thinking."

It was Luis's turn to raise his eyebrows, clearly not believing the girl. "Yeah? Because I know you just left practice and usually you're as happy and bubbly as your dark self could be afterwards. What happened? Normani being an extra HBIC today?" Lauren had to chuckle at Luis's nick name for the blond. Ever since the two started talking about how big of a dick Bumper is and how controlling Normani is, Luis started using HBIC whenever referring to her.

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