The nurse coughed lightly as she finished wiping off the dried blood from Tomomi’s face. She tossed the used tissue into the wastebasket before pushing herself to her feet with a small sigh. She grabbed onto her First Aid kit, moving to the next injured teenager without a single word to Tomomi. It had been this way with all of the girls the nurse had treated so far, she felt no need or want to speak with any of them. She was only here to do her job.

Tomomi leaned back in her chair, her head falling back against the wall. The crying that once shook her entire body had come to a standstill, only a small sniffling sound coming out of her now. She wrapped her arms around her still burning abdomen; she didn’t even need to look at her stomach to know it was probably covered in bruises. Feeling the bruises was enough for her.

The brunette was seated on a plastic chair just outside of the principal’s office in the Administration Offices. To her left sat Yukako, her body leaned forward and her head bent downwards. On her right was Haruna, the eldest of the group staring silently at the wall on the other side of the room. Rina sat next to Haruna, her hands covering her face as a soft crying sound came out of her. She was now as terrified as Tomomi had been earlier.

Directly across from the girls sat Hana’s group of five, although there were only four of them present at the moment. Each girl was waiting patiently for their turn to see the principal; he was speaking to them and giving them their punishments individually. He had started with one of Hana’s girls and she had been in there for quite some time, Tomomi could only imagine the words being exchanged behind the closed doors.

“I’m going to make you regret this, Ono,” Hana growled lowly, just loud enough for the group of four to hear her. Tomomi glanced over at Haruna to see the boss was now glaring daggers at Hana.

Tomomi could see the damage Hana had done to Haruna’s face. A large bandage was taped to her forehead where Hana had created the large gash, but Tomomi could see that it was already turning red from all the blood. She could also see the three claw marks on Haruna’s right cheek where Hana had scratched her skin.

Haruna scoffed, turning her head away from Hana. She wasn’t going to do this. She knew exactly what sort of stunt Hana was attempting to pull and there was no way she would fall for it. She wasn’t going to let Hana get her in any more trouble. She felt bad enough as it was.

Haruna was feeling responsible for the entire thing. She didn’t know how, but she knew Hana had somehow found out about Tomomi being one of hers now. There was really no other reason for Hana to go after her like that. She had a responsibility to protect Tomomi as her leader and she had failed to do that, Tomomi’s and Yukako’s injuries were her fault. But deeper than that, Haruna had only just remembered the mistake she had made in attacking Hana.

Hana now had the excuse she needed to expose Rina’s secrets; she had the motivation now to break their deal. Haruna had failed Rina as well, she had failed everyone. Haruna hadn’t even thought about that when she had attacked Hana, she had been too angry to think about that. The pain in her head should have crippled her ability to fight but when she saw Rina and Tomomi cowering in the corner, she let the anger take over. Even if she may not fully trust Tomomi, she knew Mami did. When Mami saw Tomomi so broken and bruised, Haruna knew the blonde would be upset. That was enough to make Haruna angry.

The girls were given a sudden jolt when the principal’s door opened, one of Hana’s friends slinking out of the office. She sat down in her previous spot, sinking down with her arms crossed over her chest and a sour look on her face.

“Miss Ogawa, please come with me,” the principal stated, catching Tomomi by surprise. The brunette jumped a little in her seat before she hurriedly pushed herself up, her body screaming in protest to the sudden standing motion. Tomomi ignored her body’s protests though as she moved forward slowly, it was about as fast as she could go with the throbbing pain taking over every inch of her body.

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