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"Hey, hot chocolate?"

"..Yeah. Thanks."



"So, did you get some sleep yesterday?"



"Don't do that."

"Do what?"

"Pretend like you care. I don't need your pity, or sympathy, or whatever game it is you're playing."

"Riley, chill. I'm not playing any games. It's the type of person I am, I can care for what I want. I'm not some doche-bag-coffee-guy that pretends to care and plays with girls feelings."


"You sure you got sleep?"


"..Not really acting like it."

"..Don't be rude, Kale."

"I'm not."

"Don't lie. That was rude."

"Riley, you're being rude too."

"Kale, don't start with me."

"Start with you? I hardly know you! Like, I don't even know what we are doing. What is this?"

"..A waste of time."

"Maybe. Time that could be used on sleep instead of wasting your money on a plastic cup you buy to doodle on."

"Doodle? Did you just call my artwork, doodles?"

"So what if I did."

"Kale, you need to tone it down."

"Riley, I didn't even do anything. You came in here all 'girl-wearing-grumpy-pants' and started with me. Finish your drink and doodle at home or just take it. I don't want this today."

"Kale, it's not like I intentionally came here to start a arguement."

"Then when you come back tomorrow, try to act more like it."

Awe! He wants her to come back anyways! XD

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Awe! He wants her to come back anyways! XD

How is everyone enjoying the book so far? I didn't make them too dramatic did I?

I kind of want to add some plot twists, but I don't want to be mean to people..

Also, if you're getting confused with the chapter titles, the times, just ignore them. They usually mean hours later or the next day.

Like 2:00 and then 3:30 is not an hour and 30 minutes later, it's the next day.

Ya know?

Hope you all are enjoying so far! ❤

~ Liv

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