Chapter 1 - A New Beginning

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Amy Jackson

Dear Diary,

It's been almost a week since I've moved to New York with my family and so far, I don't think I have much to say since I haven't had a chance to look around. All I can say is that it's been raining a lot, some people will say its bad, but I'm not going to say that because I love the rain, and I didn't even get a chance to enjoy it, not even once. It's sad that when it's raining your parents make you stay inside and be boring instead of letting you drench yourself in the beautiful raindrops that magically fall from the sky. I've always loved the rain. When I was in London I would always go outside and play, regardless of what I have to do, even if it's an exam or guests are home I. don't. Give. A. damn. Besides which teenager would want to listen to parents bragging about their kids like a competition, playing in the rain is far better.


"Amy!! Come to dinner sweetie. "I hear my mum say.

"Coming mum!" I reply. I put my diary away in my crystal blue box that my grandma gave me before she died since I always had the key for it no one would be able to open it apart from me. I place the box delicately on one of the shelves in my wardrobe and make sure one last time I've locked it properly. I practically take my diary with me wherever I go, whether it's for school an outing or to my friend's house my diary is always with me.

I go out of my room after putting my laptop screen down and turning off the lights. I close my room door and turn to see my brothers' bedroom door closed, assuming that he's downstairs with everyone else at the dinner table I go down the red carpet covered staircase and gliding my hand on the shiny golden handrails. When I go to the dining room I can see just by the looks on everyone's faces that there is a serious conversation going on, and by everyone I mean, my mum, dad, and my big brother Tyler. I put a smile on my face and sit next to my mum.

"What's the conversation?" I awkwardly ask as I pick up my knife and fork.

"Your mother and I were just discussing who should drop you and Tyler for the first day of school since neither of you has been here before I thought it's best if one of us drop you guys." My dad says facing me and Tyler.

"That's nice of you dad but-" Before I can finish my sentence I'm interrupted by Tyler, who's just swallowing his last bite of meat.

"But I think Amy and I would be capable enough to go on our own, we have grown up after all. Right, Amy?" Tyler says, looking my way with an expression that asks for my approval.

"Yeah I agree with Tyler, we can manage you don't need to worry." I say placing a hand on my mum's' shoulder who clearly seems unconvinced at the moment.

"Come on Meg, I'm sure they're capable enough." My dad says in a concerned tone trying to convince my mother.

The thing is my mum is that type of person who is caring and really sweet, but when it comes to me and my brother she's really hard to convince, especially after what had happened with..... WAIT!! Why I am thinking of him, I came to New York so I can forget about the.... whole situation. Control yourself, Amy he's in your life no more, yes you had a terrible time but you need to forget about him. This is your new life. I talk to myself not noticing it was out loud. And I look up to see three fully concerned faces. I sigh and put my hand on my head.

"Amy, don't worry about anything, we're here for you, and we moved here so that you can forget about everything and everyone from London, this is your new life Amy." my mum says supporting me. No matter how much I try to stop thinking about him I always end up in tears, and that's exactly what happened this time. Tears were starting to come out and I got out of my chair leaving my unfinished meal as I lost my appetite.

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