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"You do know I'm not making you stay here. You're welcome to go home and sleep."

"I'm fine. I'm like an owl."

"Except from what I've heard, you never have time to sleep or you can't sleep at all."

"Eh, both."


"Time, because I'm stressing about projects and my talent for classes. And I can't because I'm thinking about stressing about projects and my talent for classes."

"But your drawings so far have been amazing."

"Awe, thanks coffee Kale."

"Riley, I'm being serious. How do you not realize it?"

"College professors are more truthful and point out my flaws instead of my strengths, so I try to perfect everything."

"And what do your parents think about it?"

"I don't talk to them anymore."

"Oh. I'm sorry, I didn't-"

"Kale, don't make this conversation an apology. It's fine. Keep talking."

"Well, I think you should draw the way you want and the way you feel you should. From what I've seen of artist, they paint with emotion and in their own style, right?"

"True, but they're also very strict on their selves. Like they're their own professor, they don't need all mine."

"I think you shouldn't take their words personally."

"I think no one should take anyone's words personally. But the world doesn't work that way, does it?"

"Draw the way you want, Riley. Draw with your own emotion."

"Drawing and painting-art in general-is meant to relieve emotion, not strengthen it. Like hitting a wall or screaming into a pillow."

"But what's the point if you make a piece of art from emotion to relieve it, but then keep it and it plays as a reminder."

"Because some people need reminders. Some people forget their flaws and focus on their perfections, which is usually a good thing. But it causes those cocky humans. When reminded of their failure or their past, it's like a smack to the face. A friendly reminder that they aren't as great as they thought they were."



"No comment."

"Don't give me that. I want your opinion."

"As much of that, that kind of makes sense, it's kind of cruel. Cocky or not, people deserve to start over and forget what they didn't do good at, or memories they should have moved on from."

"What if they don't want to forget those memories? What if they treat them as lessons?"

"Then they should actually treat them as such. Not a friendly reminder to turn their day to crap."

"What if everyday of their life basically is crap since then? And, what if they're too scared to try anything new?"

"I'm starting to think this is a personal issue."

"What if it is? What if the girl who needs more excitement is trying to figure out a way out of this hole she dug herself so deeply into?"


"..What if the depressed artist girl is asking the local coffee guy to give her advice or some sort of rope to help her?"

"I think this girl needs a few hours of sleep."


"Go home, Riley. Sleep."

"Sorry, coffee Kale."

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