Chapter 41

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Jaxon's POV

"I have a couple of the girls upstairs setting up a room for you, you will no longer be staying in the lower part of the house, for obvious reasons." I sat quietly in one of Lucius chairs listening to him talk, as Erin sat next to me clinging onto my hand, her thumb softly stroking my skin.

I turned my head to look at her, and she's just sitting there, quietly, listening to her father talk. If i could I would stare at her all day and night, and that alone would make me happy. I didn't think it was possible to love this woman any more than I already did, but I do. The second I seen her tied up in that room felt like I was seeing her for the first time again, like I was falling for her all over again.

I remember something snapping inside of me and I suddenly couldn't stand the idea of someone wanting to hurt her. I couldn't explain what was happening then, but the predator in me initially took over trying to protect her.

I am so deeply in love with this woman, and it scares me. Im afraid of what it'll do to me now more than ever. I hate who I've become, but in the end it's honestly all worth it when I have her in my arms again. It's the only time I actually feel like myself again, normal, not this new monster I've become. Im afraid of what Im capable of doing if anything else were to happen to her. I would gladly kill for this woman if it meant that it made her happy.

I feel Erin gently squeeze on my hand and I look up to find her smiling at me. Gosh, could she get anymore beautiful. I loved the way her hair flowed over her back when she had her hair in a ponytail. Her dark long hair always drove me insane. God, all I wanted to do was stay in bed and have her all to myself. I wanted more than anything to rip off any single piece of clothing she had on, just run my hands through that soft hair of hers, all over that soft skin. I wanted.. no, I needed this woman now more than ever.

I mentally slapped myself. Get ahold of yourself, Garrels. Control yourself!

"Garrels! Are you listening to me?"

I quickly snapped my attention towards Lucius, "yes sir." I nodded my head, "gym, tomorrow evening, don't be late."

"Good, then thats all for now. You're are dismissed." He dismally waves a hand at me, "go gather some of your things and take them upstairs, I'll have Bax's accompany you."

I nod agreeing with him and motion to stand up, when Erin speaks up," I'll go with him, dad. I'll watch him."

It looks like her father's is about to argue with her when there's a soft knock on his door, and he tells who ever it is to come in instead.

My blood runs cold and immediate fear runs up my spine when I see Samantha walked into the room after Ramos, she holding a wooden tray with three glasses on it. "Your drinks, sir."

I instantly grip Erin's hand as Sam starts to make her way towards the desk. The closer she got the stronger I could smell it, the louder I could hear her heartbeat. My mouth suddenly out of nowhere felt really parched, and I could feel my throat closing up. I shot out of my chair and slowly start cowering to the back of the room.

Erin immediately gets off of her chair as well and flashes over to me. She wraps her small hands around my face, forcing me to look at her. "Jax's look at me! You're okay, you're fine, just breathe."

"I-I-I could hear.. I could hear it." I stammer, looking into those beautiful glossy eyes that I love so much. " I could hear her pulse, I can smel-"

"Jax's, listen to me.. Ignore all the background noise, okay? Focus on me, baby." I nod my head rapidly, trying to focus on her voice and only her voice, but it seems like the pulsing is only getting louder and louder. "Thank you Sam, you can leave now!" She says behind her, never taking her eyes off of me.

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