12. Scales of Blue and Green

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A/N Graphic adult stuff down below. You have been warned:) Now enjoy.

Her skin grew warm beneath his fingers and their kisses deeper. David knew her skin was changing color, but he didn't stop to look. Mouths fused and devouring each other, he couldn't bear to leave her lips for even a second. He was starving for her. He hadn't known how much his fingers had longed to sink into her hair, or how much his body had thirsted to be flush against hers.

This felt different. Every touch was fire and every kiss loaded with passion and heat. As if she was new to him, as if they were learning each other for the first time. Her lips weren't dealing the usual angry, control-wrestling kisses. They were harsh and unforgiving, branding, searching and carnal, but not angry in any way. Desperately clinging to his, until breathing became hard. But he didn't care. Who needed air anyway?

Grappling for control, he forced his hands down her sides to be gentle, stopping to squeeze her flesh here and there. Each time he did, a throaty moan vibrated on her lips and her nails sank into his shoulders. David shivered as her long legs circled around his back, pressing her naked heat to him at just the right spot. He groaned and let his palms slide down the outside of her thighs until his fingers bit into the curves of her ass.

Nick wrenched her head back and arched up her body, an animalistic growl tumbling from her lips while her hips trembled beneath him. The friction created nearly made him lose his shit. His gaze danced along her skin, pausing on the bite, her split lip and blackened eye. David swallowed against the rage bubbling up his stomach until her glowing, yellow eyes found his.

Nick grabbed hold of his neck and pulled his head down until she could claim a kiss.

"Stop it," she mumbled against his lips. "It's nothing."

"It's not nothing," he ground out. "I'm-"

Another heated kiss, followed by a nip to his bottom lip silenced him. She wriggled her hips until he was angled at her center, then she glared up at him. "Shut up and take me. Now. And don't you dare hold back," she hissed.

Her heels dug into his butt, urging him forward and after a short breath, David let go and sank into her. His deep moan was echoed back at him as Nick's eyes slid shut in ecstasy. Heat, slick and soft, her. Familiar and yet new.

David held still for a moment or he would have come right then and there. She was too much and he had waited for this for too long. He felt her teeth sink into the crook of his neck making goosebumps erupt across his back.

He swept his palms under her and up, until he was holding on to her shoulders. Leaning on his elbows he rose up and sank into her again. Hard. Nick licked her smiling lips with closed eyes, an expression of abandon and triumph on her face. David hovered over her, taking her with slow but harsh thrusts, watching every nuance on her face. He didn't know what he was looking for, pain maybe, hesitation, or worst of all fear. He had to beat back the urge to just let go and take her as he wanted, needed to. But she came first, if this was too much for her he would stop, somehow. So he watched her. 

Her glowing eyes opened and she frowned at him. "Have you gone soft on me? I recall--"

David growled softly. "Shut it," he said close to her lips. His mouth took hers and she kissed him back with a frenzy. Sloppy, hungry and without holding back. That did it. Every reservation he had about this, every thought about her not being ready dissolved into thin air.

He let go, let himself be taken over by what his body wanted, what he needed and what he had longed for. Her. She was liquid fire in his hands, burning him. Burning away everything that wasn't them. 

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