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So, I'm not entirely sure how to start this whole thing?

But, do you remember two months ago? A specific night two months ago?

During which I spent the night at your place?


I suppose I do have a vague recollection of it.


Interested in a repeat?


I'm pregnant.



Are you sure?


Well, the dozen or so tests I took

were pretty damn positive.

Hah that was a pun.

But now's not the time!

I have a doctor's appointment next

week to like confirm or deny it properly.

I would ask if you'd like to come, but it's just a blood test?

I won't get the results for another week or so afterwards...

I don't know why I didn't wait until I knew for certain before I told you

But I've had Will and Olivia talking to me all day about how

you should know as soon as possible and I just grabbed my phone

and this is the result.

Wow, how awkward is this going to be if all those tests are false



How about we meet up after you have the test done?

And we can discuss this whole thing in person?

And also maybe come up with a plan or whatever?


Yeah, that sounds good!

Here's my number (xxx-xxx-xxxx),

the test is on Monday morning, at like 10 am,

so if you'd like to meet up afterwards?

I know this place close to the hospital where

it's unlikely we'll be noticed/recognised?


Yeah, okay! Just text me the details

before you head out, and I'll be there!


valentina is my precious child tbh

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