Blue Bird

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     2D and Murdoc sit outside, just glancing at the scenery. 2D smiled, looking at all the birds and other stuff.  He liked birds and wondered if Murdoc liked any type of animal. "Hey Mudz?"

     "Yeah, D?" He replied in his low, raspy voice. "Yew like any type of birds?" He tiflted his head to the side and Murdoc nodded. "I like the Blue Birds..."

      "Well, whys that?" Murdoc answered: "They're quite beautiful and I like their songs, they sound nice..." 2D allowed himself to smile. "They also remind me of yew, D'....Pretty and sings beautifully..." Murdoc looked away and 2D surely thought he was dreaming.

     There was sikence between the two, then 2D akwardly spoke: "Fanks Mu'doc..."
I know its short....just reminding you that Im still here.....

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