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-What the fuck? Says Emilio as we enter in the messy house.

-It's like someone's robbed the house or something.

-Hello? Screams Emilio as we look around to see if anyone's here.

-Maybe it's a serial killer, and He's still in the house. I say freaking out.

-Calm down, we'll check if anyone's around. Says Emilio taking my hand in his as we go further in the house. The computers are on the floor, tables, all the stuff shattered around, as if a hurricane destroyed the house. We arrive in the dark kitchen and someone out of nowhere jumps on Emilio. We both scream as we hear some laughs and the light opens. I'm so scared, what the hell happened. I see Jake laughing with his camera and Tessa, Kade, Tristan and Ivan in the back, laughing as well.

-We got you!

-What the fuck man! Says Emilio, breathing heavily but chuckling.

-I fucking hate you Jake! I scream before starting to run after him. I chase him all around the house as everyone laugh. He's too fast for me and I soon stop, coming back to the kitchen where everyone are talking about the amazing prank they pulled out on us.

-I was so scared, I thought a serial killer was in the house. I say sighing.

-Yeah, we had cameras everywhere your reactions were priceless. Says Tristan.

-What was the point of doing this to us? Emilio says.

-We were bored, and it's prank wars bro! Says Jake.

-Mostly because we were bored and we knew that you guys were gone on a date. Says Kade and everybody laugh.

-It wasn't a date, it was diner at my mom's house. I say

-Same thing, how'd go? Asks Tessa as we all go in the living room.

-Great, food was good. Answers Em and we chuckle.

Few minutes of talking later, we decide to put a movie on the TV, but I choose to go in the shower and pack my stuff for tomorrow because with the diner I didn't have time. I'm almost done packing when I see Emilio staring at me from the doorframe.

-Hey. I say closing my suitcase.

-Hey, you need any help? He says with a tired voice.

-No, i'm good. I say putting the closed suitcase in the corner of the room so we can sit on my bed. We both let ourselves fall on my bed and sigh of tiredness.

-We should go to bed, we need to leave pretty early tomorrow. I say closing my eyes for a second.

-Yeah we should, the movie was so boring I told them I'd go help you upstairs. He says laughing.

-Really? I say laughing back, turning my head to see him, laying by my side.

-Yeah, Tessa fell asleep on Jake, otp. He says and I burst out laughing.

-What was the movie? I ask looking at the ceiling.

-Like some pregnant possessed lady horror movie. It sucked really.

I chuckle and feel Em's eyes on me. I turn around and look at him in the eyes, smiling.

-You're so beautiful. He says before his lips touch mine. I smile in the kiss and after a few seconds we stop kissing and I approach my body near him. He softly let his fingers run through the tip of my hair and back as I close my eyes. After a few minutes in this position, He moves a bit.

-I think the movie's over, I should get back to my bunk bed, you need to sleep.

-Argh, I want to stay with you for the night. I say pouting.

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