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His name is Barry Allen and he's the fastest man alive. After defeating Zoom and saving the multiverse, Barry ran back in time to stop his mother from being murdered. For months he lived in an alternate timeline known as Flashpoint. Barry tried to restore the original timeline only to find that things had changed.

Her name is Eleanor Queen and she is the girl of the shadows. Eleanor is the sister of the famous Green Arrow. After being shipwrecked on an island for five years she became the vigilante known as Midnight. Eleanor left Star City three years ago to find a new life for herself, becoming a cop with the CCPD and falling in love with the fastest man alive.

Only Eleanor never really existed.

In his attempt to restore the timeline, Barry not only changed the lives of everyone he knew, but he also created the woman who he's supposedly in love with.

How will Eleanor handle her life knowing that she is only a time aberration?

What will become of the relationship between the fastest man alive and the girl of the shadows?


All rights go to CW. I don't own the Flash or Arrow characters or universe. I do own the storyline and the characters that I created, including Eleanor Queen.   

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