Chapter 18 - Red dresses & revealed rooms

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"This has got to be some sort of sick joke," I mumbled quietly as I took her in. From Harry's glance of amusement down at me, I knew he probably heard, but I didn't really care. She was gorgeous. When I first heard the call, I thought it was going to be Cara. Now I wish it had been.

Her silky blonde hair fell in perfect waves over her shoulders and cascaded down her back. She held a smirk on her full lips and her eyes were judgemental as she took in my jeans and casual shirt. Of course she was wearing a fitted red dress that showed off her slight curves and also happened to be this season Dolce and Gabanna.

"I'm Claire," She finally stated with a wide smile on her face, offering out a dainty hand that held a large black diamond ring. I cursed my poor self silently as I shook her hand.

"Norah," I replied. Claire pursed her lips and turned to Harry.

"Are you going to introduce me?" She purred.

He let out a deep sigh and raised his head as he spoke. "Norah, this is my business partner, Claire. Claire, this is my friend Norah."

"It's lovely to meet you," She cheered all too enthusiastically. "And honestly Harry, my husband is your business partner. Not me."

Harry clenched his jaw at her words and I looked up at him, trying to withhold the anger that was threatening to spill over. From the way she talked and looked at him, they definitely used to be together. And she was married. To his business partner.

"We were just about to eat, before you so kindly graced us with your presence," He shot out sarcastically as he placed his arm around me. He pushed my back, urging me to walk forward into the kitchen.

Harry pulled out my chair for me and I sat down awkwardly, stumbling. Claire slid smoothly into her chair like a damn model or something. I tried to hide my scowl as Harry left the room.

"So Norah," She mused. "How did you meet Harry?"

"Uhm, I had to try and get an interview for the magazine I work at."

"What magazine?"


"Oh," She smirked, eyes flickering over me judgementally. "Isn't that a fashion magazine?"

I let out a slow breath and narrowed my eyes at her. "Yes, yes it is."

"Hm." With her prissy noise, the conversation fell silent. Luckily Harry came in a few minutes later brandishing 3 plates of chicken and vegetables. He placed one quickly in front of each of us before sitting down.

Harry stared at me and I shifted under his gaze until I realised what he was doing. I quickly took a bite of my chicken and gave him a thin lipped smile.

"Is it okay?" He murmured, squeezing my knee under the table.

I gave him an enthusiastic nod. "Yeah. It's great."

"He always does that," Claire laughed. Harry turned and narrowed his eyes at her, and she didn't even shift under his gaze. Instead, she gave him sultry smirk that probably made most boys fall to their knees and beg for mercy. But Harry only glanced away cooly and turned back to me.

"How's Jace?" He questioned.

"He's good," I fished. "He's got a new boyfriend, I think, because he won't stop texting and it's kind of annoying. And we might be getting promoted. So yeah, Jace is great. Still not your biggest fan, though."

Harry looked amused at my rambling while Claire wrinkled her nose at me. "I hope I can change his mind.

"Good luck with that," I scoffed, stabbing into my chicken.

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