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I was guilty.

I was guilty.

I was guilty.

I watched them take Rocky away In the ambulance.

I could feel nothing but guilt.

They said that he would be okay, that it only hit his arm, but the guilt that I had shot my best friend, my brother, would stay with me forever.

I had caused him serious pain. Pain that was supposed to go to me. My own selfishness had hurt my family, the last thing I had wanted In the world.

I was guilty.

"Ross...." Rocky said, a bit of haziness in his voice. "Harmony is Alive."

"Are you fucking with me? Because it's not funny!"

"I swear on grandad's life. She's alive. Come into the ambulance to come and see her. Come see your girlfriend."

I stood there, motionless. Was my princess Alive? Was her beautiful eyes opening and wondering where I was?

"Okay I'm coming."


Harmony's POV:

As I laid in my bed, holding Jade's hand with my left and Rydel's with my right, I watched the window. The rain outside seemed to be calming, It seemed as though I Haden't seen it in years. The rain seemed to wash away my sins and everything that went with it. Maybe now I could live my life and get over my problems. With this second chance.

"Harmony." The blonde beauty stuck his head through the door. I instantly felt a tear drip down my face as he approached and took my Hand. It seemed as though we were both crying.

"We'll give you a few minutes." As soon as the others shut the door, Ross had pushed our lips together. I could feel the electricity as he climbed above me, his hands holding himself up. His muscular arms.....

I wanted him. But we were in this fucking hospital. And wasn't I supposed to be mad at him?

"Aren't I supposed to be mad at you?" I asked, moaning slightly as Ross moved to kissing and lightly sucking my neck.

"I can make you not mad at me." He said In his seductive voice that was just so damn sexy.

"Ohmygosh Ross." I moaned, arching my back and playing with his blonde hair. He then went back to my lips, his tongue begging for entrance In my mouth. I quickly granted him entrance and smiled as he lightly moaned.

"I can make you moan way louder." I said, bitting my lower lip.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ROCKY?!?!" Rydel bursted into my room, screaming with tears In her eyes.

Ross got off me and kissed my cheek and ran out of the room.

I didn't see Ross Lynch for a week.

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