Chapter Four

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(A.N. - Junior and Senior year in the UK is called sixth form and that's where students usually stop wearing a uniform but in this story they carry on wearing a uniform)



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Harry's POV
Long live the Queen. I thought as she strut down the corridor, her golden locks bouncing each time her heels met the ground. The plain navy blue Hilton Secondary School uniform looked breathtaking on her, as if it belonged in Paris Fashion Week and not in the dull corridors of Hilton. The navy blue blazer was rolled up to her forearms, the school initials (H.S) embroidered on the pocket on her left breast. Her white crisp shirt was unbuttoned at the top and the navy plaid skirt that was supposed to stop over the knee, sat mid thigh. She finished the look with black pumps and a Michael Kors watch on her left wrist, not only grabbing the attention of others, but of mine too.

She strut passed me, sending me a quick wink and a cheeky grin as she made her way to the field, probably off to see the rest of The Elites. She stopped suddenly and turned around to face me.

"Are you going to carry on standing there with that dumb look on your face of are you going to come with me to see the guys," she questioned, crossing her arms and raising a perfectly shaped brow.

I immediately followed her onto the field, struggling to do so as the path students had made for her closed up as soon as I'd come along.

In a short period of time everyone had lost all respect and loyalty they had for me and replaced me with the blonde bombshell that is Katie Darlington.

Great. Just fucking great.

Katie's POV
Great, just fucking great. I thought as I spotted a familiar someone sat at our table. She grinned at me before waving her fat hands at me, beckoning me to come over.

And before you say anything,

I don't hate fat people. I don't. In fact, I have nothing but respect for them. Especially those who are constantly fat shamed, and treated like absolute dirt by society and still have the confidence and courage many people don't possess. But I do hate Susan Wilkes. Also known as Fat Susie (Credits to Cassandra for the name). She irked me whenever I saw her face, the stupid grin always plastered on her potato shaped head. Always donning a food stain on the side of her lip.

It wasn't her weight that made me hate her, of course not, I'm not evil. Its the fact that out of everyone else around me, she knew. She knew what I was going through. She knew about my pills and my therapist and she bullied me for it, day after day.

I shouldn't have let her. I know I shouldn't have but I did. I did and it broke me.

What could I do to defend myself? I was a short, spotty 13 year old with no sense of direction. I could've got the others to defend me, after all I was Queen of Kingston.

I never understood why I was Queen though, was it because people were scared of my family? Was it because my brother was a town legend? But once I did understand I wasn't exactly shocked. Having the surname 'Darlington' was a reason in itself for why I had so much power.

Now that I was back, I was to use the power against the fat bitch that was Susan Wilkes.

So when I saw her sitting at our table, in my seat, shoving an egg mcmuffin down her throat, I was fuming. She was in my seat. The fact that I was gone for two years meant nothing. No one sat in my seat. Ever.

Especially not Fat Susie.

"Fat Susie, what a pleasure it is to see you!" I forced a smile, my hands balled into fists beside me.

She wiped her mouth and extended a hand out towards me.

"Good to see you too Kate," I grimaced as I stared at her hand, shaking my head slowly.

"Susan- Fat Susie was just leaving," Mikayla spoke, urging Susie to stand up.

"She can't get up on her own, she's too fat," Harry chuckled behind me, causing me to frown.

That wasn't very nice.

But then again I started it.

"Shut it pretty boy," Susie snarled, holding onto the table.

"Who are you to be talking to him like that?" I stepped closer towards her.

Who are you to be talking to her like that?

Shut up.

"You don't want to start beef with me Darlington," she spat, glaring at me, her eyes clouded with nothing but pure hatred.

"I already have," I smirked, stepping even closer, clenching my fists even tighter to stop them from shaking.

I hated confrontations. Yet I was always starting one.

Remember Katie, rule number four of Rules of a Lady.

Fuck Rules of a Lady.

"Back away lottery elite," Cassandra sneered, a mean look on her face as she looked Susie up and down. She emphasised the words 'lottery elite', highlighting the fact that Susie bought her way into The Elite.

Us 'normal' Elites had money and power from our parents and ancestors. Whereas lottery elites had money from the cheap card scratcher thingy from the local shop. We hated- no- we despised, lottery elites.

With every fibre of our beings.

"We don't have fat people in The Elite," I smirked, "waddle on fatty," I sent her a quick wink as she walked away from us, flipping us all the bird.

God I felt like such a witch. But she deserved it. She prevented my happiness for years, which caused me to try and take my life away.

She has to pay!

You're 17, get over it and move on, you've improved.

My subconscious told me as I stared at myself in my bathroom mirror. By stopping down to her level and getting revenge, I would instantly become the laughing stock. Honestly, going to extreme methods to destroy someone as worth less as Fat Susie? Come on Katie what were you thinking?

I splashed my face with water, taking a few deep breaths as I recollected my thoughts.

This is just the beginning Katie.

Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Katie isn't a horrible person. She really and truly seems like she is especially in this chapter but she isn't. When she doesn't like a certain person, she is extremely horrible to them. But she isn't a bad person overall.

Katie is in her second year of sixth form (senior year) btw.

Thank you so much for reading!

Ask me some questions.

Kayla ❤

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