Chat 4: Birthday! (Part 1)

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Vigne created the group.

Vigne added RaphyChan and Satanyan to the group.

Vigne: Okay guys! We have to plan for Gabriel's birthday tomorrow!

Satanyan: It's Gabriel's birthday tomorrow?! How old is she gonna be? 1000-years-old? Hahahahaha

Vigne removed Satanyan from the group.

RaphyChan: Ah, it's finally Gabby's birthday tomorrow!! I'll go buy the cake immediately!!

Vigne: Ahahah. Thanks Raphiel! I'll be the one to decorate Gabriel's room tomorrow.

RaphyChan: ....

Vigne: What?

RaphyChan: You forgot someone...

Vigne: Who?

Raphiel: .....

Vigne: Fine...

Vigne added Satanyan to
the group.

Satanyan: I read the whole conversation.

Vigne: And?

Satanyan: I'll distract Gabriel tomorrow so that you guys can have time to prepare tomorrow ...

Vigne: Thanks, Satanya-chan!

SatanyaArcDemon: Oh shush.

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