Damien x satanism! reader ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling this is another request from IIMarilynMansonII 💙💙 thanx for the request, Requests are still open!~

~Your POV~

I was weird in everyone's eyes, I didn't believe in God or Jesus but in Satan instead, I only had one friend that didn't think I was weird, my best friend Pip.

Today is the weekend so I'm going to pip's house, once I arrived there, pip greeted me with a hug. He let go and seemed excited, "Why so happy?" I asked, he just giggled and ran upstairs, I ran after him, as I was running up the stairs it started to feel cold and dark.

I was scared to enter pip's room, it had a dark aura around it, I slowly opened the door and walked in. I looked at pip, then the boy in the corner of the room, I stare at him and couldn't take my eyes off him... he was... sexy.

His crimson eyes burnt into my (e/c) eyes, he started to walk towards me and I couldn't move. He stopped in front of me and grabbed my hand and bring to his lips, kissing it making my face heats up.

"Hello beautiful, I'm the prince of hell, Damien Thorn," he said handsomely, I stare at him wide eyed and I fell to my knees and bow down to him. "Ummm what are you doing?" He asked, he looked at me and slightly blushed.

"Damien this is (y/n), she is a Satanism and worships you and your father," pip said, Damien blushed madly and kneeled down, he grabbed my chin and smirked.

He leaned in and kissed me passionately, I kissed back, I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist, I blushed at the moment.

"Cough, cough" pip interrupted us and we pulled away, we looked at each other and blushed, I looked at pip and he looked awkward.

"God you two are so cute together but please not in my room," pip said, I blushed madly and giggled. He grabbed my hand, it started to heat up

"(y/n) I know we just meet but......I do like you...the thing is...I have been stalking you and protecting.....I know it's weird and crazy but I do like you.." he said blushing.

I blushed and grabbed his face and leaned it into mine, I gently kissed him, he wrapped his arm around my waist, and the other hand in my hair.

We started a full on makeout session, it started to get extremely heated and he heard a door close, we broke away and blushed.

I giggled and he grabbed my hand again and guided me downstairs to see pip, pip was in the kitchen getting some water. "Thanks for making me meet Damien, pip," I said, he just smiled.

"Well since I love you (y/n).......will you go out with me," Damien said, I nodded blushing, he smiled and kissed my cheek.

~4 years later~

I and Damien have been dating for 4 years now, even with a few bumps in the road, we have sorted it out and fall for each other again. We are madly in love with each other, today is our anniversary and I hope he pops the question tonight at dinner.

I was dressed in a beautiful strapless (f/c) dress that hugs my body, my hair was style down with soft curls, my (f/c) heels that match my dress and my makeup was light. We went to a very fancy restaurant, after walking for a while....he takes out a box and gets on one knee, "(y/n) will you be my princess of hell?" I nodded and he slid the ring on my finger, we kissed, "now you don't have to bow down to me, I have to bow down to you my queen" he said chuckling.

~Hi guys, sorry if it sux or I didn't get satanism right😑😑but anyway thank you for the 4k reads, I love you💜💜💜💜😚😚~

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