Chapter 3

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"Manda, wheres mommy? Pasiley questioned while Amanda was finishing up giving her a shower. "Mommy is just finishing up working, so tonight you will stay with me is that okay? Amanda answered not wanting to tell her 4 year old "niece" that her mother was raped and burn enough to stay in a hospital over night. "Its getting late, lets get you into bed." Amanda said wanting to drop the conversation. " While Amanda was tucking Paisley in Paisley asked why she doesn't have a dad. Amanda knew the whole story behind that, Olivia was drunk off her ass and went home with a guy and nine months later Paisley was born. But Amanda not wanting to tell Paisley that right now just kissed her and walked out.

In the morning Paisley was the first one up, she jump on top of the thin blonde laying on the couch. "Hey Pais, ya hungry? How bout some waffles?" "Yummyyy" Paisley said nodding her head very rapidly. When they were done eating, Amanda helped her change into a tan tank top with a brown shawl to go over it, a pair of dark skinny jeans, and cute pair of combat boots. "Well arent you the most stylish 4 year old I know" Amanda said giving her a motion to sit down. Amanda got up to go get makeup on for the day, Paisley followed her into the master bathroom. "Watcha doinnn" Paisley said swinging her arms back and forth. "Just getting makeup onnn" Amanda said mimicking Paisley. Pasiley giggled and asked her what was each thing as Amanda put it on. "Come here." Amanda said giving her arms. She picked up paisley and put a little of blush on her cheeks, " look now me and you are the same" Paisley said pointing to her face.

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