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(1 year later)

Your P.O.V

I got dressed and fixed my curls. The girls were trying to crawl about the room. "Lili, Ali, come to mum you have to get dressed", I smiled. I got them dressed. Lili had a little flowery jumpsuit on and Ali had a little jumpsuit on with leapord prints. Their hair was already getting long for a 1 year old. I put on the tv as they crawled towards it. The door went.  Buttons went mad but shut up when Lili started clapping her. I smiled. Sherlock came through and smiled. "Woah. Just me", he smiled. "Hows my favourite girls doing?", he asked. I laughed. "We're doing good. How's stuff at Scotland Yard?", I asked. "Good. But, I just wanted to come home and spend time with you guys", he smiled. "Really?", I asked shocked. "Yeah. I mean, I missed you guys so much recently. I feel like I havent seen you all at all", He smiled and scooped up Lili and Ali. I smiled and sat beside him as the girls giggled. Buttons leaped up and cuddled in beside us all in the couch. Our little family. Our little dysfunctional family of consulting detectives. I wouldnt swap it for the world. My family of sharp cheekboned heart-throbs. We were honestly just kids when we fell in love. We had no clue what it was until we figured it out. Sherlock and I had been through so much but I wouldnt change it because we had so much to look forward to. We fought against all odds and came through. We could look forward to loads. The girls bringing home their first boyfriends. Our anniversaries. Growing old together. Everything with each other. Sherlock took my hand and smiled. "I love you. I've just been so busy with so many cases these few weeks", he whispered. "I love you too. I suppose there has been a lot of cases. I havent been working this week.", I whispered. "A lot of crime recently for Batman", he smirked. "Sher, you are not Batman. We've agreed. Dean Winchester is Batman", I laughed. "What does that make that then?", he asked. "My London Love", I whispered, smiling.

The End

Thank You:

Thank you to all you wonderful readers and I'm sorry for the abrupt ending. But I have Supernatural Imagines coming up soon. I mean, its not Sherlock but please tell me I have Hunters out there too? I mean, Sam and Dean Winchester? Thank you to all you loyal people who have read this book and voted for it. Thank you for all the comments and I hope that I have brought at least a little Sherlock Satisfaction into your life. Thank you Sherlockians.


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