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•the answer•

The rest of my day was spent plotting ways to get Finn to answer me. Juvenile, I know, but I really wanted clarity. Why did he get so embarrassed? Why did Levi even say that? What was the meaning of all this? So many questions, it was hard to focus on my schoolwork!

I walked home from school dejected, I didn't know how I was gonna get Finn to confess! I had confronted Levi in science about it and he said that it was just "something that they do as friends". 'That's bs,' I laughed to myself. My friends do the same thing (thankfully not when Finn is around).

When I got home, I began working on my algebra homework at the kitchen table while my mom made dinner to eat later. My phone lit up with a notification so I turned to check it. What I saw did not make me happy.

[milliebobbybrown]: finnwolfhard commented on your post

finnwolfhard: ok so i'm on my computer and i wanted to find a way to get in contact with you so to answer your question, no sorry and i know i said sorry like a million times but i really am and there is your answer :/

finnwolfhard: you should probably delete that too

I could feel my ears turning bright red as my heart dropped to my feet. He really didn't like me. So much so to go out of his way to give me an answer- maybe he was so in love with me that he had to keep it a secret because of Maddie drama??!

'Millie, honey, calm yourself,' I thought.

I concluded that it was kinda my fault that Finn went through all this trouble to get in touch with me so I responded back as quickly and politely as possible.

milliebobbybrown: yeah i will but thanks for answering and it's fine i kinda knew that was the answer i just wanted to confirm. honestly it was really sweet of you to go out of your way to give me and answer (especially after i'd been so annoying about it) so thank you for that

milliebobbybrown: and if it makes you feel any better technically it's levi's fault because he was the one who started the whole thing... 😂

I shut off my phone and continued to work, I wasn't in the best mood. Even though I got what I was looking for, it still hurt.

HEY YALL IM BACK FROM THE DEAD (again) i'm sososo sorry for not updating in a month and then retuning with a crappy filler (wth emily) if i'm being honest i lost inspiration to write these last few chapters. but here they are!!! i've prewritten a bunch so expect more updates to come soon to brighten up the beginning of your school year (i hope lol) as for me, after this story ends i'm probably not gonna write for a while bc i'm starting high school next week ahh! anyway, i hope you all have a wonderful day and i'll see you next update!! ily all! 💓

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