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•the wait•

Sunday was boring. No snaps, no dms, no texts, no nothing. Finn was avoiding me and I was pretty sure I knew why.

I had bothered him a lot and one part of me felt extremely guilty, the other wanted answers. Did Finn like me or not?? Was it all a trick from his friends? Was he leading me on? There was only one way to find out.

The next day at school I talked with my friends Sadie, Grace, and Iris. We all decided that Finn was a jerk for not answering me and that I wouldn't talk to him anymore.

As much as I believed in that idea, I was a little heartbroken at what things had come to. I didn't want to stop talking to Finn, heck I never even started cause I was too scared!

I waited for a response when I got home from school, nothing. I snapchatted him and asked him about it on Tuesday, I got a halfhearted response like "oh i couldn't answer cause i got my phone taken away sorry". And while I respected what was going on in his life, it had been three days, I wanted answers!

Wednesday was picture day. I wanted to look the best I could. I chose a pair of light wash jeans, black converse, and a pink top. While I was fixing my hair I hoped that I could get at least a one word answer out of Finn. Even a yes or a no would tide me over until I made him tell me the whole story later. I swiped on some pink lip gloss, for confidence for when I confronted Finn.

At school, I knew I wasn't going to see Finn until lunch, because we had an entirely opposite schedule. I decided to tell Sadie my plan in homeroom because she sat right in front of me. She thought my plan was a wonderful idea.

"Do you want me to talk to him before you do?" Sadie asked. She really was my best friend.

"That would be great actually, thank you so much Sads," I replied.

"Great, I'll talk to him before lunch."


Sadie walked confidently into lunch in front of a concerned looking Finn.

"Sadie!" Grace exclaimed happily.

"There you are!" Iris smiled.

"What happened?" I asked quickly. I knew I was being annoying, but I really wanted answers.

Sadie took a deep breath and laughed. "Millie, you got your hands full, Finn is one heck of a chicken. Here's was happened...

I was walking down to lunch when I saw Finn walking with his friends. I called out to him, but he didn't hear me.



'What is he deaf?', I thought.

"Finn Wolfhard!"

Finn turned around and as soon as he saw me his pale face got paler. It was hilarious. I asked him why he didn't wanna give you an answer, I said that you would be fine with whatever answer he gave you, and he said he didn't wanna hurt your feelings...

So I guess that means he's gonna say no. I'm sorry Mills, I did everything I could."

Instead of frowning like a normal person, my face lit up.

"He didn't wanna hurt my feelings? Aw what a sweetheart!" I exclaimed.

The girls mentally facepalmed themselves (I could see it in their faces), how was I ever going to get over this guy?

"But if that's what he said I guess it's over, right?" I asked.

"Yeah I guess it is," Iris said.

"Kick him to the curb! You don't need him!" Grace exclaimed.

I smiled, "Thanks guys, but I think I want to know for sure if that's what he meant,".


After lunch I decided to meet up with the topic of most of my conversations. I saw him talking with Maddie, Chloe, Khalani, and Kendall and my steps faltered but they didn't stop.

"Finn!" I called out.

"Finn," I pushed past his friends at his locker.

"Finn Wolfhard!" I tapped him on the shoulder rather forcefully.

He turned around and honestly looked kind of scared. "Millie?"

"We need to talk. Is it yes or no? It can be one word!" I began.

"Millie but my phone," Finn stuttered.

"But what?!" I interjected. "We're standing here, in front of each other right now! We can talk in person!"

"But Millie," Finn trailed off.

The bell rang signaling the beginning of eighth period. The halls began to fill with the sixth and seventh graders adding to the eighth graders at their lockers. I was getting smushed into the lockers and if Finn wasn't going to say anything important, I wasn't gonna try to talk.

"But nothing," I spat as I turned on my heels and walked away leaving Finn dumbfounded in his spot.

the drama has started and.. there's only two chapters left. (haha suckers) jk well there's an epilogue but idk if you count that. anyway, left me know what you thought! i love you guys!

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