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•the conversation•

The party was over and I was at home going over the events of the past few hours in my mind.

"Finn wants to make out with you!"

Those six words echoed in my head over and over again. Did Levi really mean it? Did Finn actually want to make out with me? Why?

A million thoughts were racing through my head as I walked into my room and face planted on my bed. I had no idea how to get myself out of this mess.


"That really happened?" Sophia asked bewildered.

We were sitting on the grass at the state park for the Labor Day fireworks show.

"Yep," I replied. "It was crazy, out of nowhere, I was so confused!"

"But do you think he really meant it?" Sophia asked.

"I'm not sure, I mean I wouldn't mind if he did.." I trailed off.

"Of course you wouldn't," Sophia winked, and turned back to watch the fireworks.

I took out my phone and filmed the fireworks as their colors lit up the sky and their sound busted my eardrums. I smiled, today was definitely one to remember.

When I got home, I was getting ready for bed when my phone buzzed.

snapchat from finn

finn: wow nice fireworks

millie: uh thanks?

"That was random", I thought, but I still felt me heartbeat speed up when I saw his name on my screen.

An idea popped into my head. "No, too risky," I thought. "But it's now or never.."

millie: um, i kinda have a question and idk if i wanna ask it but i'm gonna do it anyway

finn: what is it?

My heart was racing. But I had to get answers!

millie: ok so uh remember earlier at the party when the guys we were with were all like "finn wants to make out with you" and then the whole spin the candle thing um what was that all about? was that like a whole thing or them just being annoying?

finn: being annoying they noticed sadie i think

millie: oh kk just wondering

millie: what did sadie have to do with it? (sorry i'm being annoying about this...)

finn: you're not and they thought i like you and sadie seemed like something was going on whenever i said something

My heart started racing. The guys thought Finn liked me? Was it true? There was only one way to find out.

millie: oh sadie likes to bother me about stuff (like friends do lol) and its the same thing grace and iris bother me about its kinda a whole big circle

millie: wait and they think you like me?

finn: yeah

millie: ...and are they right?

The moment of truth!

finn: idk

I threw my phone down on my bed. "idk"? Really?

millie: ah i see

millie: feelings are stupid sometimes i would know don't worry

finn: i don't

millie: oh well they can be pretty gross a good 90% of the time let me tell you

finn: well yeah kinda if you wanted to know

I stared at my phone in confusion. That was out of context. I began to start texting Sadie while texting Finn so that I could update her on what was going on. I turned back to my conversation with Finn and tried to clean up the mess I made.

millie: if it makes you feel any better this whole stupid liking thing isn't only happening to you (idk trying to be supportive? idk i hope) tbh i'm kinda at war with myself cause i know it's never gonna happen

finn: why do you think that

millie: cause sometimes i just know stuff

millie: idk it's been a while and i just don't know

finn: alright

I sighed with relief. That was over, thankfully. I was never good at texting.

finn: wait


finn: what "stuff"

millie: stuff?

millie: sometimes i just have a feeling on how things are going to work out in certain situations

finn: well i'm sorry if i did something

millie: no no no it's not your fault at all?

Technically it was his fault as he was the one I was talking about. But he doesn't need to know that..

millie: what makes you think you did anything?

I waited five minutes for a response. Then ten. Then fifteen.

millie: you still there?

After getting it through my head that he wasn't going to respond, I decided to go to sleep. It was better to give myself a rest than to keep myself up all night thinking about it.

But what did it all mean? I was determined to figure it out.

HEY YALL IM BACK FROM THE DEAD HELLO. i missed you guys so much and i'm sosososososo sorry that i haven't updated in almost a month!! between work and high school things stuff has been pretty crazy.. ok so three things and then i'll let you guys go live your lives: 1. HOLY FRICK 400+ READS?! last time i updated there was only like 100+ whatttt 2. i got an instagram!! it's kinda spam/kinda idek but go check it out if you wanna freak out over st with me @/strangerspamss_ 3. grab your cups cause it's about to be tea time, be on the look out for the next update that will be here sooner than this one was i promise. i love you guys so much thank you for everything see you next update byeeee

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