A Curse of Luck (A Kidnapped Story) (27)

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To Kieran,

Since you failed to wake up and keep your promise to me I have gone to take Cara by myself. I will be back as soon as I can, so if you do awake before then and are reading this, just wait till I come back especially if you feel sick. We need to have a serious talk when I get back.

From Whitney

p.s I want my fist kiss back.


Will’s (Pov)

To Kieran, I’m taking Cara by myself; p.s. I want my first kiss back. I have reread the note over and over close to twenty times now. None of it makes sense. First who the hell is Kieran? Whitney should by now know my name is Will. But if Whitney really does know my name is Will like I know she does than why would she write a note to someone named Kieran; and then instruct this woman to give it to me.

Well using my common sense she wouldn’t write a note address to me with a different name and a note not making a lick of sense to me. So logically that means the note isn’t for me but for Kieran. So who the hell is Kieran? Second who is Cara the name sounds familiar but I can’t place it at the moment.

I voice my questions to the very nervous girl in front of me. Her eyebrows pull together creating a crease in her forehead, she stays like for few seconds then she stills and for a while I almost thought time stopped because she was so un-moving. She doesn’t even breathe. But just as suddenly she zaps out of whatever state she was in and for the first time looks up at me and into my eyes.

 But I kind of wish she didn’t because her face is mirror of horrification like she just walk in on a murder scene or a ghostly apparition just appeared before her. But with this world being the way it is the thought of ghost appearing might be the norm, but you get what I mean.

Then she starts to visibly shake and looks like she about to burst into hysterics. Oh my god her eyes are watering up, what’s wrong with her?  I am really that scary to her?


“Are you okay?” I really don’t know how to handle people who are crying and defiantly not a woman who is crying, I just don’t have any experience with this type of situation.

“I-I, y-you…….

And she continues on like this for close to five minutes now. I am beginning to get very frustrated by this woman. I mean I do sympathize with her but the longer she takes to talk to me the more time it takes away from me finding out what the hell is going on and where Whitney is; and more importantly if she’s okay. I just want answers and feel like every second that passes that I don’t know if Whitney is okay or not makes me even more frustrated and angry.

So angry that I just want to hit something or shake something. The feelings keep building, contracting, and growing like a disease. It just feels so overwhelming in a closed space, or like hot air filling a balloon to the point of bursting. The woman lets out a distressed whimper and is cowering in fear and slumps down the wall till she hits the floor.

What did I do now, she must have seen, felt, or sensed my sudden change to anger. I run my hands through my hair I tug at the roots. Okay I need to take a deep breath and try to calm her down so I can get her help. She is my only hope of finding out what is going on.  If I scare her to death that isn’t going to help anyone; me, her, or Whitney.

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