Hey, Mr. President... {Part One}

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Hey, Mr. President I think You're My Daddy.


"Come on Kat! We don't have all day, we gotta get these boxes outta here!" My mother yelled from downstairs. You know its slightly scary that you can here her on the 3 floor of this house when she's in the kitchen.

"I'm hurrying! You know it would probably help if Kyle got off his ass and helped!" I yelled back trying to juggle the three boxes I was carrying.

"Ha! And risk breaking a nail I don't think so!" My very gay bestfriend yelled not looking away from the picture in his hands. "Hey Mrs. D who's the dude?"

I walked into the kitchen and dropped the boxes to tired to carry them to the moving van outside.

"What dude? There is no dude? Wait, what's a dude?" She asked walking over to Kyle and snatching the picture away from him.

"You know he kinda looks like the president. Come to think of it you kind look like the guy in the picture too, Kat."

"I guess I mean we have the same eyes and hair, but..." I trailed off as I stared at the man in the picture. He had his arms wrapped around my mom and was smiling hugely, and he did look a lot like the current president. But it was probably just a coincidence. Right?

My mother scoffed and quickly put the picture away, like she was hiding it from someone. But why? Why would she hide the picture? I mean it wasn't like that man played a huge part in her life right? I don't know, and I have a gut feeling that I don't wanna know.

"Alright come on you two off your asses and on your feet!" She yelled a little too enthusiastically. See my mom has this thing that when she's trying to hide something she gets all excited and shit. She'll act like a drunken lunatic if you let her but she's my mom.

"Uh uh you missy are gonna explain who the hunk is and why you are all after-sex-glowy around him." Kyle said grabbing her arm and dragging her into the living room that now only held a few lawn chairs.

"There is nothing to explain."

"Yea, that's why you're blushing redder than a tomato."

My mom groaned but sat down and just stared at Kyle.

"Who is he?" She glared.

"My ex husband."

"You were married before dad?" I hadn't known that and for some reason I felt like she had cheated on him.

She shook her head. "I guess you were going to find out sooner or later."

"Find out what?" I'm not the only one who's confused right?

"Honey sit down, you may not like what you hear." I sat down in the chair beside her and watched as she took a deep breath before blurting out something I would have never guessed.

"The man in that picture is your real father." Well, shit.

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