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•the invite•

It was a beautiful sunny day in August and my summer squad  and I were hanging out on our friend Sophia's water trampoline. I was getting bored of swimming in the lake so I climbed up to the trampoline and laid down in the warm sun. Brynn climbed up to join me along with Wyatt. They have been best friends since preschool and we've all been pretty close since we went to the same elementary school.

"Hey Mills!" Brynn smiled.

"Hey Millie what's up?" Wyatt said.

"Hi guys," I waved back.

"So your bar mitzvah is when?" Brynn asked Wyatt.

I perked up immediately. A bar mitzvah means a party and I love parties. And bar mitzvahs meant fancy dresses and I love fancy dresses.

"I don't know, probably next month," Wyatt replied. "It's not gonna be a big party cause my parents are taking me to Turks and Caicos in November."

"Turks and Caicos?! Lucky," I chimed in. "So, who are you inviting?"

"Well you guys, obviously, some other guys, and my travel soccer team. Nothing huge, it'll be here at the lake in the clubhouse," Wyatt replied.

I sat up at the mention of the soccer team. Someone was on that team that was very important to me. That someone was Finn. I had liked him since fifth grade which was a little embarrassing if I were to tell anyone, but only a few of my close friends (like Sadie and Chloe) know. It struck me as weird how Finn was on the soccer team considering how he seemed to enjoy music a lot more, but I let it slide. I didn't care what he was interested in, I was just interested in him.

"Sounds fun, can't wait!" Brynn said, snapping me back to reality.

"Yeah, and thanks for the invite," I added.

Honestly I was kind of surprised that Wyatt would invite me because we were close but we didn't talk everyday. It didn't matter though because I was glad I had been invited. I get to find a nice dress and some shoes and it'll be great.

A few weeks later and invitation came in the mail It was navy blue and it read:

The parents of Wyatt Oleff invite you to attend a Bar Mitzvah service on Saturday September the Tenth at 10:00 am.
After party will be located at Cupsaw Lake Clubhouse from 2:00-6:00.
Please RSVP at your earliest convenience at

I marked the date on my calendar and began thinking of outfits for the day of. I was so excited. Finally, a party with a purpose and no drama. And maybe I could talk to Finn if he went!

At least that's what I thought.

hello! this first chapter is a little boring tbh but it sets the scene. the friendships may seem a little odd but they'll make more sense in future chapters. don't worry the next few chapters will be more interesting. let me know what you think! love you all 💓

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