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•the basics•

Millie liked Finn. Finn liked Maddie. Maddie liked Finn. At least that's how Millie saw it. She didn't really know much about the "popular" people because they weren't in her friend group. Sure, there were some people she'd talk to like Chloe, but they've been friends since preschool so Millie wasn't sure that counted.
Millie didn't worry much about relationships. She got asked out once in seventh grade. His name was Romeo. She said no. Said she wasn't ready for a relationship yet, which was partially true. She wasn't ready for a relationship with him. They were better off friends anyway.

Whenever Millie has boy drama she goes to her friend Sadie. They've been best friends since they were three, nothing could break them apart. Sadie has had two boyfriends in the past so she's got some wisdom in the whole dating thing.

Now that everyone is soon going to begin their 8th grade year at Northwood Middle School, Millie thought this year might be her year. It was time to let go of the past, get over people, care less about what others think, and become the best Millie she could be.

Getting the last two done would be easy. Some new clothes, new shoes, and a smile should do the trick. Realizing that the fact that she doesn't need to care about everyone really helped Millie as well.

As for getting over people, well... Millie could get over Finn in two seconds flat if he didn't have his chocolate brown hair that curled just the right way, and his hazel eyes that sparkled with confidence when he spoke, and his freckles that dotted his face like stars, and his laugh that lit up a room, and h-


The point is Millie knew it wasn't going to happen and she had to let go. It was Finn and Maddie, not Finn and Millie. Millie just had to get that through her head. And it almost worked.

Well. Sort of.

IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS STORY. this is partially based off of true events; i based millie off of myself, etc. disclaimer that i was not as good at comebacks as millie is so basically the events are true but the characters might not stay true to the events (so that i can write an interesting story) final note: i guess technically this is a fillie story... anyway hope you like it love you! 💕💕

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