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"There is such thing as recycling, you know."

"Ah, yes. I fail to understand why so many people think that smashing germ-covered bottles and containers is considered saving the planet. Which really, pollution is most likely used for smashing those objects, which is bad for the planet. And also, feeding germs to 80% of the world is also, probably, not good either. Sure, they could wash them, but from out of all the things they receive, how could something or someone wash all of it completely. You know?"


"Don't give me an 'um' after my very informational opinion."


"Hmph, okay."



"Well, it was nice talking to you. I should get back to work.."

"There's literally no one else here, but me."

"I still have a job to do."

"Serve customers. I'm a costumer, and I demand you to sit there and chat with me."

"Don't smile like that."

"Like what?"

"Like that. Like you know you won a competition or something. Like you know you're right."

"But I do know. I don't play around, Kale. I know what I'm doing and I know how to do it. This isn't my first rodeo."

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