Chapter Four

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A/N- WARNING! This chapter, as well as the next few, contain content that some viewers may find disturbing, although tbh it isn't dirty at all.

Sophie and I exchanged a glance. She had transmitted me her plan formy brother, and it was honestly perfect. Fitz was wildly in love with her. The kind of love that can either bind two together forever of rip them apart and destroy them. Honestly, I couldn't wait to see the look on his face as Sophie told him what he had to do. The glint in my best friend's eyes made her look so confident. Well, everything about her made her look confident. Not many girls would feel comfortable wearing a thin white shirt with  a black bra shining through like a beacon among a host of males.
I giggled, and Dex game me a funny look. At that point, I completely lost it, an glancing over, I saw that Sophie had as well. Someone opened the door to ny brother's room, and before I had a chanceto see who it was, Keefe spoke.
'Yo, Della! Your daughter and Foster have lost their minds amongst a flurry of giggles, any idea of how to get them back?'
My mother laughed.
'I'm sure they'll come around eventually, and I'm also sure they have a good reason to be laughing. Anyways, come down. Supper is ready.'

After pulling ourselves together, we all dragged ourselves off Fitz’s floor and made our way down the winnding silver staircase. The smell of food suddenly struck me, and I realized how hungry I was. I wobbled, nearly tumbling down the stairs. I felt a strong hand on my back. My head whipped around and I saw Fitz gazing at me, holding me upright. I gave him a quick smile, and we all bounded down the remaining stairs and sat down to eat.
Biana and I didn't make it through supper without laughing. Laughing, we found out, earnd us peculiar looks from Alden and Della. I transmitted my plan for their son to them, and they lost it as well. I felt kind of bad for the boys, being kept in the dark like this, but it wouldn't be as funny if I told them. Supper didn't take long. Our little group dashed back uo the stairs, the the three boys practically pushing us up the stairs.
We all ploped down on the floor, and it wasn't long before Keefe and Dex started demanding what we had found so funny.
'Patience, dudes.' I said. (A/N-Lol literally just quoted my math teacher)
I redirected my gaze to Fitz, ready to see the look on his beautiful face once I told him what I was going to make him do.
'Fitz,' I said. 'You are going to describe my physical appearance.'

At first, the dare didn't seem so bad. Then, I thought about it. I had spent the entire evening trying to avert my eyes from Sophie’s chest. She had worn a black bra, and her white shirt didn't exactly hide anything. At first, I had though it was an accident. Sophie didn't seem like one to show that much cleavage around people like Keefe, Dex and I. Looking back on ot, it had all been planned against me. Biana knew how much I loved her, and this was a great way to get me to admit it to her. I would have to tell her how the trousers she was wearing emphasised every curve, and how sexy I thought it was that you could see pretty much everything through her shirt.
Soph, I hate you sometimes.
Nah, admit it. You could never hate me.
Sophie cut off the connection, and I glared at her.
'Alright, here we go...'

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