Chapter Seven- Legends With Tea

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    Dylan excused himself to the bathroom and went back to my bedroom to remake the bed. I was still I little worried about him so I thought that the best idea would be to just have him stay the night so I could monitor him. It would also give me a good opportunity to question him on what had happened. 

    "You didn't have to re-make the bed, I could have done it myself." By now I was getting used to him coming up behind me without warning. It still didn't hide the fact that I was still a jumpy person though. 

    "I don't mind, you're the guest for the night anyway."

    "Wait, you mean you're making me stay the night?" Dylan looked spooked and a bit angered which I wasn't surprised by. He'd always seemed like the quick to anger guy anyway. 

    "Well, seeing as I just found you in the forest naked and you were totally off in la-la-land, I think it would be a good idea for me just to watch you tonight so that I know you're okay. It would make me feel better if I knew for sure. Besides, I have some serious questions I need to--" Before I could try to finish the sentence Dylan was rushing over to my bedside table to hold up the glass of tea that I'd  discarded the other morning. 

    "Why didn't you drink this? You have to make sure you drink this everyday or you're going to end up like--"

    Honestly, this place was turning into a mad house by the second. One minute I'm being interrupted because I didn't drink a glass of tea for heaven's sake and then the next minute Dylan is being interrupted by the slamming of the front door. Was there not a sane person in this town?

    "I swear Amanda if you are not in this house I will find you in that damn forest and kill you myself!" called Blue Eyes from the front of the house. From the tone of his voice I could tell he was utterly pissed, but what did he have to be mad about? He wasn't the one who'd been shoved this morning or the one that was being lied to. Besides, if he wanted to come strolling in like he'd been looking for me for a long time it was a bit late for that. 

    Walking out into the front room with Dylan behind me I stood in the bedroom doorway with my arms crossed. Dylan actually mimicked my movements and the two of us stood there glaring at Blue Eyes like we were acting as one force. 

    Looking extremely confused, Blue Eyes instead focused his attention on Dylan and said, "Where the hell have you been? Andy and I have been out for hours looking for you."

    A smirk played on Dylan's lips as he stared down Blue Eyes. The looks they were giving each other were like two ravenous dogs about to go into battle over who gets the last bunny rabbit to eat. It was that intense and I felt like I was stepping in the middle of something I didn't want to be apart of. 

    "Somethings happened Ren and I got carried away. It's no big deal. Besides, Amanda here was keen enough with her senses to come help me out. Isn't that right Amanda?"

    Their eyes were both trained on me now as I felt the uncomfortable glare Blue Eyes had on me. Now I seriously felt like I was in the middle of something and if I didn't say the right thing I was going to be in big trouble. What the heck was really going on though?

    "Yeah, he must have passed out or something while taking a walk in the woods. I heard..." pausing, I tried to think of something less crazy to say than growling, "something whimpered outside and went to check it out. i found Dylan right outside at the edge of the forest."

    Looking over at Dylan for confirmation that I'd said the right things, I could have sworn I'd seen gratitude written all over his face. It was replaced though with that smirk again and i was forced to stare back at Blue Eyes. 

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