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This was one hell of an adventure.

It started on a lazy Saturday and ended on one ... though this Saturday wasn't as lazy. I freakin worked all day on that chapter. It was about 5000 words long! Can you believe that? That's like 5 chapters all together.

Here you go children.

5 chapters in one day ^o^

An apology for the 2 week late update!


I have only one complaint about some of you.


Have you seen the button at the very bottom of the page?

Yes, the one that says view 4 cast members.

If you click on it -_-"

You'll see...

That I have Sana, Eunji and Sunny as cast members.

So why? Why when I post pics of them do you say "Oh isn't that Eunji?" "No that's sana!"

No shit sherlock.

Just please. Stop.


I just had to let that out. It could be my fault though... maybe you can't see the option XD well shit this is awkward...

The other thing is.

It was my first time writing smut XD

Y'all were asking for it and I was stuck in a situation contemplating whether I should take the next step or not.

I did not enjoy it.


Never doing it again.




Now for the main reason I wrote all of this...

T H A N K Y O U S O M U C H ! ! !

I really do appreciate all of your support. I love all of your comments and never fail to read them. In fact, I read them as soon as I wake up. I read them with my eyes half closed and laugh to myself when they're funny. My parents are starting to think I'm crazy XD

I love how two of you mentioned my book in their owns for other people to see.

I love how one of you even made a cover of the book for me!

Sorry I didn't get to put it here XD I kinda lost it... I'm a bad author.

*slaps myself*

I love how some of you (you ladies know who you are ^.-) commented hilarious things on literally every single thing...

I just want to thank all of you for it.

Thank you for spamming my notifications with your votes >//< and thank you for supporting me.

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