5 - Assumptions and Word Vomit

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The next day Lauren was sitting in the quad trying to concentrate on her book that she was reading. She's been out here for hours but keeps thinking back to this time yesterday when she was with Camila and it was severely clouding her ability to pay attention on what she was doing on the screen.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw the subject that was plaguing her current thoughts plop down next to her with the brightest smile on her face. She always looks like sunshine is radiating from her. Camila giggled at Lauren's semi dreamy look. "Whatcha thinking about over there Laur?" The brunette changed her dopey grin into her signature smirk and shook her head at the other woman. "Oh nothing Camz." The Cuban girl raised her eyebrow and gave her a knowing look. "Lies! Seriously Lauren, what are you thinking about? Ooooooo are you thinking of a boy? It's Luis isn't it? I'd be careful, Mani would have a fit if she found out."

It was Lauren's turn to raise her eyebrows at her. I'm pretty sure Normani would have a fit no matter who I liked. She'd probably end up with a hernia if she found out it was Camila. She scoffed "No, definitely not Luis." Why does everyone think I like Luis anyways? Just because he's the only guy I talk to does not mean I'm into him! The shorter brunette grinned, "Whatever you want to say, Laur. He's the only guy you hang out with, so why not?"

Lauren laughed at this while shaking her head, "I swear I wasn't thinking of him." The smaller girl cocked her head to the side, "But you were thinking of someone!" Lauren furrowed her brows. How am I going to get around this? "What makes you think I was thinking of someone? I could have thinking about my mix or my mom's cat for all you know." Camila gave her a sly grin, "Well for one you had the dopiest look on your face, like your eyes were kind of glossed over and had a far off look and your smile looked like it was made with the cheesiest of cheese. I thought I was going to have to get you some wine to go with it." Lauren raised both eyebrows in surprise at Camila. Oh, I'm really going to have to keep myself in check.

Camila giggled at the brunette expression. "Plus that wasn't your reading face, that one looks completely different. And don't even tell me you were having silly thoughts about a cat." Lauren grinned sheepishly "So what if I was? I love my mom's cat, she's awesome!" Camila rolled her eyes, something she didn't really do before meeting the brunette. "Whatever you say Laur. I don't believe you but you obviously don't want to tell me. That's ok though, just don't break Fifth Harmony rules!" Lauren chuckled, "Trust me, there is no chance in that ever happening."

Camila's phone beeped at that moment signaling a new text message. She pulled out her phone and got her own silly grin on her face as she started reading it and replied quickly before putting it away again. She looked over to Lauren to see the brunette giving her a quizzical look. "That was Austin. He's taking me out tonight and has been texting me all this cute stuff today." The brunette slumped a little but Camila didn't notice. Ugh! This guy, I swear I hate him more and more. Camila was still in her thoughts looking across the quad and smiled "It's been pretty adorable, he's almost making a hunt out of it by giving me clues on what to bring or wear. He even taped a puzzle to my door to figure out where to meet him later tonight." Lauren rolled her eyes at this. For a douchebag this guy is seriously going all out. Something has to be up.

Camila noticed the brunette hadn't said anything yet and looked over to see her staring at her lap with quite the opposite face as she did when she first sat down. Her expression was almost angry, which Camila couldn't understand. Maybe she got lost in her thoughts again. Camila took the time to really look at the brunette. Her hair was messily put up into a bun and she was wearing a gray tank top and black sweats with athletic shoes. I didn't even know she owned shoes like that. The brunette looked tired with the circles under her eyes indicating that she hasn't been sleeping much.

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