Glinda Faces Mortality

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                                                      Glinda Faces Mortality

“The munchkins have been very demanding lately” Glinda laughed her high pitched beautiful laugh that the good witch does. She smiles waving her wand slowly, carelessly creating glitters around.

“Yes, I noticed that too. What do you think has gotten into those little munchkins heads?” The head servant munchkin, Dilly Dunkin said kindly as she got Glinda’s tea. Dilly wasn’t forced to serve her, but Dilly’s love for her good witch was so great that she chose to. Just like all the other servants did.

The little cottage that Glinda lived in was extraordinary with fine things and all her dresses in a large closet. A large majority of the house was pink and all was magical.

“Everything serves a purpouse in my cottage” Glinda once told Dilly. Dilly thought of this day as she was getting the tea ready for Glinda. She spilled some, staining her white flower dress made just right to fit her munchkin body. Glinda waited for her tea, patiently as always but in a sudden force she felt a surge of electricity, or coldness run though her body, her veins. This wasn’t out of the normal, but she was very surprised.

“Oh my, Dilly forget the tea. Somethings happening in Munchkin Town.” She waved her wand and in only a matter of seconds a white, round, bubble looking case wrapped around her as it flew, heading towards munchkin town. As expected all the little munchkins bowed down and praised her, joyfully welcoming the good witch. They all looked content and perfectly normal Glinda thought as she looked around the Munchkin Town. Of course the Munchkins were expecting something to happen or words to be said. As Glinda never went to Munchkin Town without a reason or a goal needed to be achieved.

“I felt a disturbance in Munchkin Town. Is everything alright darlings?” One of the Munchkins named Ukodus stepped forward, bowed his head gently and then spoke.

“If you don’t mind me saying ma’am but Munchkin Town is at it’s utmost greatness!” Just as he was saying the ‘ness’ in greatness their was a loud noise. A BOOM sound. Similar to the sound you would hear when construction site workers are right next to your house. The munchkins screamed their loud high pitched screams and ran into the safety of their Munchkin homes. A man. About 6 foot 4 came out and said.

“Well Hello Glinda!” Glinda looked startled as she backed away. “Hello” But before she could finish her sentance. This strange man who was so tall with black hair and so skinny you could see his bone outlines as he started waving his hands around with his nimble fingers and started chanting an unknown line. It sounded something like this.

“Uhm-Nah-Ooh Eee. Gosh-al-ighty. Galla-poppy-ooh a Doddy!!!” Then like on queue their was another loud BOOM! The munchkins didn’t know what happened as everything was covered in purple smoke. Some munchkins started coughing others started crying, one even dared to scream. They all looked around and as the purple smoke started clearing turning more into a pink as it evaporated into the sky. There was a loud gasp and a slight “Uhh” Noise.

“GLINDA!!!” The head munchkin screamed and ran over to her. All the munchkins ran to her as she slowly looked up. Glinda felt different, not quit normal.She looked down, at her hands, at her feet. What was different. Their wasn’t such an electric shock in her anymore. That’s it! She thought. She’s not in touch with Munchkin town

. A huge wave of absolute terror coursed through her as she realized what the outcome of the mans words and the purple smoke was. ‘I’m a mortal’. She sank to the ground on her knee’s as warm, wet tears rolled down her face. She could almost hear as her heart broke into a thousand little pieces, moving, scratching her insides and tearing her internal self apart. She looked around at the shocked faces of the rest of the munchkins. How they all looked like they just wanted to run to her but their hesitance was clear. This series of events happened in only a matter of seconds. Her head munchkin, always loyal to her, ran to her side

. “Glinda! Are you alright?” Glinda looked at her. She had a sad small smile on her face and she sighed as she wiped her tears away. “I’m so sorry to say.” She paused as she raised her voice so the rest of the little hesitant munchkins watched her with a new found feeling. They all felt pity after viewing that incident. “The man that was here and no longer can be found seems to have drained me of my powers. I’m...I’m mortal.”

She looked down, almost ashamed at what she had become. She loved mortals of course but without her powers she could no longer protect the Munchkins in Munchkin land. She could no longer send people down to the yellow brick rode being absolutely sure that, that was the way to go. She would no longer be absolutely sure of anything, it was as if her whole life had crashed down into another world.

A world she had no experience or place in. She did not hear as the Munchkins all moved to her at once, and she could not feel or respond as they held her in their short, Munchkin arms. The only thing she could feel was her now drying tears on her cheeks and the warm rays of sunlight beaming down on her face. As she moved back to reality she noticed all the Munchkins and smiled.

“Now, now Munchkins their is no need to be sad. This is a place of wonderfulness and nothing has disturbed the electrical connection I used to have with this Town for a long time. You all will be fine and I’m sure by now you will find a way to comfort yourself. Please don’t be upset dear ones. But as you all know Munchkin Land is no place for a mortal, I will have to leave and go to the real world.” She kissed each munchkin adding up to 1,053 Munchkin’s foreheads. “We have to bring myself to the Mortal world. You all know what to do.” She moved, slowly and almost as if she was filled with regret. As she was, because she never though she would be telling these Munchkins to preform what they were about too. The Munchkins all simultaneously moved to perfect spots in the spiral of bricks. Glinda moved to the very middle of tip of the spiral and held her hands together as she watched what they were about to do. One munchkin swayed his arms to the east, the next to the west, the south and the north. They danced, swinging their arms and legs, as if they were in a pool creating a whirlpool. Swish and sway, they sang. Simultaneously as if it were a practiced routine, a beautiful song. Though this was not beautiful. They were sending their queen away, only allowing themselves a small glimpse as she rose to the sky, the magic of the dance surrounding her like she was it’s only savior. They danced until she gone. A clear mist and an old cottage was the only thing left for evidence that the queen was ever there, the memory in the munchkins heads, shall live forever. …........................................................................................................................................................

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