Gang Wars (a fight for love)

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Gang wars

Chapter 1

The black Bentley drifted down the streets of London during the middle of the night. The car came to a halt as it reached it's destination but the engine remained and the lights still beamed from their sockets.

One of the blacked out windows slid down revealing a tall black man wearing black sunglasses and an earpiece. His head moved out of the window and looked up and down the street before returning back to it's original position.

"All clear." He stated in a deep voice as the window slid up again. The man then got out of the car, straightening out the jacket of his black suit before he went over to the other side of the car.

He opened the car door and another figure stepped out of the car. This time it was a female.

She had smooth, soft white skin like a finely polished marble. It was a contrast to her deep cherry red hair that was smooth and silky, only just reaching past her shoulders. She brushed a strand of it out of her face and tucked it behind her ear. She too, was wearing sunglasses which she removed instantly, placing them in her handbag.

She stood up straight, to her very petite 5'3 height and her eyes scanned up and down the street, her dark blue - green eyes narrowing when they reached a dark alleyway. They focused there for a while but when nothing happened, she lifted her head and walked towards a tall building, taking a quick glance in each direction again before she tapped a code at the side of the door.

Inside the building, she ran up the stairs and stopped abruptly as she reached the 4th floor, tapping in a second code and waiting for the heavy iron doors to unlock.

When they finally did, she hoisted them open and walked into the 3rd room on her left.

Immediately she was greeted by the voices of 5 others. "Rosaline!" They exclaimed, jumping up off their seats.

Rosaline was young, only just 18 but she looked even younger in some respects. Her body was very slim but she had beautiful curves. Her breasts were large for her size, her hips were quite wide and her legs were long. However, her face was quite childish. Her large eyes would explore her surroundings with wonder, her thick, dark eyelashes would flutter innocently and her perfectly sculpted eyebrows were turned up slightly towards the centre making her look slightly sad and childish - naïve.

Rosaline walked over to the others, her unnaturally straight hair absorbing the glow of the lights as it bounced around her shoulders.

"How did it go?" The others asked eagerly. Rosaline smiled and the expressions of the others brightened. She giggled watching the anticipation in their eyes.

"He told me everything!" She gushed and the only other girl in the room clasped her hands.

"That's brilliant." She said smiling widely.

"He even talked about a deal." She said, her smile growing.

At that, the other faces in the group dropped.

"What?" Growled one tall, muscular man. "You were meant to fool him so we could claim it all!" He shouted, his hands balling up into fists.

Rosaline's smile didn't even waver. "He knew who I was all along." The others gasped, muttering amongst themselves.

"He had seen me ages ago when I first started here" she continued. "So we got chatting and he gave me all the information he had and said that if we worked together, we could watch each others backs - join together and share the profit... Which by the way is TRIPLE what we had estimated!" She said jumping in delight.

The others sat frozen in their seats but the other girl got up. "That is such a good idea, well done Rosaline." Rosaline was pleased at Sophie's compliment. If Sophie said it was a good idea, it was a good idea.

Sophie was the brains of the team when it came to technology. She could hack into computers and find out passwords, make up plans and evaluate ideas. She was French and had short, black hair and pale white skin. She was a classic beauty.

The others all got up and hugged Rosaline, murmuring things like 'well done' or 'good thinking'.they were delighted at earning more money and having the loyalty and respect of another gang on their side.

Rosaline pulled a creased photograph from the pocket of her skin tight jeans, ones she had bought especially for the meeting.

"There" she handed it to the white, muscular figure. He admired the image of the rare stone and passed it onto another figure of similar size and the same age as him. He smiled as he looked at the image then passed it on to the identical male twins. They 'ooo'hed and 'ahh'ed like little children.

Rosaline took the photo from them and pinned it on the cork board. "Now we need to found out it's location!" She laughed, letting out a sigh.

Sophie patted her on the back. "Come on, we are both tired as hell- let's get some sleep." She smiled and they both walked off towards another room with a single bunk bed in it.

As they got ready for bed, the four men talked about their ideas. One of them spoke to the tall, brooding muscular white man. "Your the leader." He stated "what do you think David?"

David sat down, putting his head in his hands, ruffling his hair. "I don't know." He said pausing. "If I am correct, the cut of the stone looks Italian - perhaps made back in the 16th century."

The other man whistled. "Wow, no wonder they are worth a fortune!"

David nodded. "Yes, I also think it might be Jadeite, one of the rarest stones in the world."

David had carried on the gang after all the original members passed away so naturally he became the leader. His dad used to be the leader and he taught him everything he knew. David was clever, different to the intelligence of Sophie. He knew things about history, cultures and the wealth of objects.

Exhausted, David sighed and got up. "I need to sleep." He announced, leaving the room. The twins followed, claiming that they were too tired to think.

The last man stayed in his seat. He sighed, spinning around in his chair. They had no idea where this stone could be, he thought, closing his eyes tight in fury, his hands curling into fists.

For the fifth time that evening, he checked his mail. Nothing new. His hand wavered but eventually tapped on the cursor revealing an email he could almost read from memory.

5th January 2011

Hello Jacob...

You know the deal - bring me the information on the whereabouts of the stone or I shall have to take drastic measures...

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