Chapter 10: Seth

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592nd sol- 23:00

I woke to Tom on the comms. "Everyone up!!! We're almost there." I looked at the star chart and saw that he was right. "Morning sleeping beauty!" Tom mocked. "Dropping out of light speed in 10, 9, 8, 7...."

"Everyone strap in, we don't know what's gonna be on the other side." I said.

"4, 3, 2, 1." Finished Tom. At that, we pulled the same parallel levers as before and dropped out of light speed. What we saw made our jaws drop. John's list was either wrong or old because instead of 10 cruisers, there must've been 30 and like he said, countless fighters.

"It's an invasion fleet!!!!" Exclaimed Lily.

"Quick, turn around before they spot us!!!!" Shouted Rachel.

"Yeah, turn around!!!" Yelled Matt.

"TOO LATE!!!!!!" Tom yelled as he pointed. We all looked in the direction he was pointed. Four of the cruisers' hangar doors had opened and were deploying fighters. "I don't like our chances...." I said in a whisper. "Quick," I said to Tom, "If we get into light speed, they won't be able to follow us."

The ship turned around and we started powering up the motor. The ship was powering up right as the first of the ships started to come into range. Red bolts started whizzing over the cockpit. Then the whole ship gave a shutter and lights on my HUD started blinking like crazy.

"We're hit!!!" Yelled Matt.

"Don't worry, it's the empty fighter." I responded. "Everyone, detach and meet on the planet's surface!!!" The ship shuttered again but this time it was smoother and felt more controlled. I saw in my peripheral vision the ship split into six fighters. The damaged ship drifted lifelessly towards the incoming fighters. It blew apart it a brilliant blue and green explosion.

The incoming fighters looked like a giant wave. The ships opened fire and we started flipping, swirling, anything to give us an angle on the fighters and avoid being hit.

I saw Lily and Rachel working together. They were flying in a circle on opposite sides. They must have had a ton of power to their rear shield because it looked like a giant dogfight. Lily shot the fighters chasing Rachel and Rachel did the same to the fighters chasing Lily.

Matt was with Tom and their fighters were connected. Tom was piloting their ship while Matt's fighter had been turned into a swivel cannon. They seemed to be doing pretty well and were headed towards a cruiser. Tom was shooting the nose gun while Matt seemed to be keeping the fighters at bay. There were fiery red and orange explosions everywhere.

I had decided to become a flying wrecking ball. I was using all available power for my shields and engines. I had no blasters operational but I was going full speed and literally smashing through fighters. Even in this firefight, I was having a great time. That might not be a good thing but we have yet to lose someone.

"Hey!! We should push for the surface before more fighters start coming!!" Tom said.

"Good idea, follow me!!" I told him.

We took off with everyone falling in line behind me. I kept smashing through things while Matt and Tom protected the back. I headed straight towards a gun emplacement on the shield and broke through!!! The polymess under the gun collapsed talking with it the gun. it crashed and hit the surface.

"Quick!!! Everyone in before the safe doors shut!!!" We all shot through the gap and sure enough, the safe doors shut right as Tom and Matt made it through.

"Set your ships to autopilot and eject!!!" Tom said over the comms. I pulled the yellow and black stripped ejection lever and the roof shot off my fighter. the next thing I knew I was falling, no, PLUMETING towards my death 10,000 feet below me. Then I was suddenly jerked up and had a moment of pain under my arm and realized that my parachute had been deployed. I looked around and counted 1, 2, 3, 4 parachutes and panicked!!! We had lost someone on a rescue mission!!! Ironic...... It wasn't until my feet hit the ground that I realized that I was the 5th 'chute.

"Ok, night will fall soon. That's when we start moving." I realized it was Rachel who had said all this. I was glad we had someone who could think under pressure because I was, at the moment, going a little crazy.

"What're we supposed to do until then?" Asked Matt.

This time it was Tom who responded. "Rest, organize, and take stock of the situation."

"Who's got the time?" I asked.

"You do, it's on your band!!" Tom answered. Feeling stupid, I looked at my arm and it read 593rd sol- 03:17. "I'm​ gonna go look around." said Tom simply.

"Wait! We don't know what's out there and we don't want to get caught when we've gotten this far." Lily added for the first time since we hit the ground.

"Yeah, but we also need to know what's around us before we move out tonight and I scored highest on survival skills and stealth skills." Said Tom, adding the last part a little smugly.

593rd sol- 04:00

Tom had returned around 04:00. I had been up checking all of our equipment, especially our weapons. "Bad news, 4 of the 6 guns we brought are bad." I told him.

"Wake Rachel. She seems to have a plan and should know this." Tom said after he let it sink in.

I walked over to Rachel and was about to wake her when she said "I'm up. 4 of 6 out, what else've we got?" she asked sitting up and moving towards me and Tom.

"Well, as far as I can tell, they're using all of our buildings exactly as they were designed so we know where John is and we'll know how to get into the building. We'll also know how to get a ride off this planet in the hanga-"

"No." Said Rachel as she interrupted Tom. "If John's message was right and they don't have light speed, I bet they'll be trying to use our ships to figure it out." She looked deep in thought.

After a moment of silence Tom said, "See Seth, I told you she had a plan!" he said in a patronizing voice. "So, care to let us in on the plan?" Tom asked directing the question at Rachel.

After a pause she said, "We blow the hangar........."


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