Chapter 2

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"Hi roomie!" I exclaimed, trying to annoy him on purpose.

"No" he deadpanned.

"This is gonna be so much fun don't you think!?" I cheered.

"No it isn't now please leave"

"Please? I didn't take you for a polite guy. What happened to the tough scene kid"

"I'm not a scene kid now leave"

"Such a lovely room!" I said, passing by him and dragging my suitcase over his feet, earning me a screech of pain from him. "I can't wait to redecorate it"

"You're not redecorating anything because you're not gonna be rooming with me" he stated firmly, asserting his manhood.

"So this is gonna be my bed it's so cozy!" I ignored him and went to the left bed and sat on it. "It's comfortable too!" I bounced my butt a couple times.

Ryder was getting more and more frustrated, but I was enjoying it too much.

"That's not gonna be your bed and this is not gonna be your room, leave."

"What crawled up your butt?" I turned to him, who was in the middle of the room right behind the couch and right in front of the beds.

"You did!" he grumbled. I don't think he knew what that meant.

"Well I mean I sure hope I did but I don't think I did yet" he looked horrified by my statement.

"Dude! That's gay! Don't say stuff like that"

"Oh a homophobe huh" I was taken aback by his reaction but I wasn't really surprised.

"I'm not a homophobe I just don't like to be involved in anything gay so leave me out of your silly jokes. Now allow me to show you the door"

"Oh don't worry I see the door. What I don't see is the closet." I looked around a bit "oh look there it is" I trudged towards the closet on the left wall and opened it. It was full of black clothes. "Pfft and you say you aren't scene"

He slammed the closet door which made me fall from my crouch.

"For the last time, you're not gonna stay here and it's final" he affirmed, looking as serious as he could get.

I was starting to think that I maybe took it too far.

"Alright, alright" I sighed. I guess Nicholas is gonna be having me back. That's if he hasn't found a replacement yet. "I'll leave"

I grabbed my suitcase and opened the dragging mechanism and dragged myself out of the room in defeat. Who was I kidding to think that a guy like him would let me stay in his room? Only guys like Nicholas settle for me.

They have the right to.
I'm not funny, nor I am entertaining in anyway possible. I'm just a boring English student who likes reading, video games, and would read comics if I had the chance. I'm a nerd and no one likes nerds, especially guys like Ryder.

I thought I heard my name get called when I reached the end of the hallway, but it was probably my mind. You know it's a sign of a healthy brain when you hear your name get called when it's really not. Told you I'm a nerd, I know stuff that people don't know or care about.

I dragged my bag all the way to the dorm. I opened it and it was empty. Empty of humans to say the least. It was nowhere close to empty of stuff. Empty Pringle cans, not so empty pizza boxes, water and coke bottles were scattered too. That's of course besides the clothes strewn here and there. But all of those are nothing compared to that awful smell that I don't even know the source of.

Dorm sweet dorm.

I huffed and sat on my bed, which creaks at the slightest touch.

I opened the window and stood there watching over the street. I heard the door croak and someone enter.

"Sorry Nicholas but I'm back" I said from where I was standing. "The new room arrangements didn't work out. Hell they weren't even started I was just thrown out so you're stuck with me buddy" I said not to hurt Nicholas's feelings. Even though he was messy, he was a nice guy so it was better for him to think that he's stuck with me than the opposite. "But don't worry buddy I'll clean the room up just like always"

"You're gonna need a lot of Clorox to get that smell out of here" Nicholas said, but it wasn't his voice. I turned around to find Ryder in the doorway looking at the room as if it were a rat hole. It is compared to his sparkly clean room.

"You're right. It's easier if I just drink the Clorox rather than let it spill over the floor" he didn't look amused by my joke. In fact he looked concerned.

"Why are you here anyway?" I asked Ryder who was trying to figure out how to reach the window. "It's a right, skip, right, left" I pointed the directions with my finger.

"I know I acted like a jerk, you can come back to the room and we'll figure it out" he said what sounded like a makeshift apology.

"Nah" was all I said.


"Yeah it's cool I'm gonna stick with Nicholas. As much as I hate it" I muttered the last part but I think he heard it anyway

"What? I just came all the way here to get you back just for you to say no?" he was starting to get pissed again, and I realised he has a temper.

"I take it you don't take no for an answer?" We were standing in the small space between the beds, and I was inching closer to him to make him feel uncomfortable.

He looked like he would bolt out of the window any second.

"N-No I don't take no for an answer" his voice was bailing on him and he was scared of me. As tough and scary as he looked, I was the one intimidating him. Nerd one, edgy guy zero.

I got closer to his face until my breath was dancing on his face. My lips hovered down from his upper cheek towards his lips. "No" I whispered.

"Oh Spencer you're ba- oh sorry I didn't know you had a boyfriend" Nicholas came in, ruining the moment. I was enjoying freaking him out.

"What no I'm not his boyfriend! That's gay, no" Ryder said and stumbled back and sat on Nicholas's bed, making a squish sound. "Eww" he said "I don't even wanna know what made that sound"

"Yeah it's better if you don't." Nicholas said.

"He's not my boyfriend" I told Nicholas then turned to Ryder "and you wish I were. Nicholas this is Ryder, a guy"

"A guy? Are you serious"

"I don't know what you are to me so yeah, I'm referring to you as a guy"

"Fine. Are you coming back or not?"

"Maybe I should leave you two to discuss your relationship problems alone." Nicholas said, pissing Ryder off even more, and bolted out of the room.

"I'm not going back to the room forget it. You obviously don't want me there and we obviously get on each other's nerves so I don't think it's a wise idea. Plus you look like you snore"

"I don't snore!"


"I don't! And fine if you don't wanna come back then don't. I'll find someone better"

"Good luck"

"I'm gonna leave"


"You're gonna regret it"

"I won't"


"Adiós" I said last and he slammed the door. And with that he was gone, and I lost whatever chance I had with him. Rooming with him I mean. He has a girlfriend and he's straight so you know what I mean.

I sighed and buried my face in the pillow and mentally readied myself for cleaning up.

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