Chapter Thirty-Nine» Once Upon A Dream

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I once dared to dream.

A dream I prayed would come true. It was a fantasy, to live amongst the stars. To travel through seven seas. To see the sun kiss the ground, painting the land below. Yet it was a dream, a dream I longed for.

I didn't wish for the world. All I wished for, was to live again. One more time. To be free of all the pain, of all the fears and heart breaks.

It was an urban legend, to live freely. Yet I longed for it, from the bottom of my heart.

A warm breeze floated inside the large room; sending a cold shiver down my spine. Making my body shudder.

Glancing around, I could feel my eyes landing on the large room. A welcoming atmosphere floated around. One that would make your insides warm.

A large balcony remained on my right side, covered with white see through curtains, dancing against the winds.

lack sofas remained at the centre of the room, besides the balcony. Allowing the warm breeze to float in. An illuminating light, from the heat of the sun spread all around. Bringing life in each corner, for what was light without darkness and what was darkness without life.

" Aazeen, how are you feeling today? " a soft voice whispered beside me. Making me glance upwards seeing dark grey eyes, filled with long eye lashes stare at me. Loose strands of blonde hair crowned the woman's face, as she sat on the bed. A worried look plastering her features.

" I'm okay Mum" I breathed out after what felt like centuries. Hearing a deafening silence fall around us. Caging us against our deepest darkest fears. It was as though I no longer remained immune to the world. Each turn I made, each action I did, affected my very being, leaving me shattered. All alone and deserted.

" Do you want to eat something Aazeen. Have a drink, juice or water" Ammi asked softly, her kind voice filling my ears.

Glancing upwards, I stared at one of the most beautiful women to grace the world as she stared back. Her fear and devastation swimming in her eyes. " I don't want to. I don't feel hungry" I answered back truthfully seeing her intake a sharp breath and glance down at me. Her large eyes swimming with grief.

" The doctors said you can go home now. Your health is improving now and so is our little angels" Ammi spoke softly, a broken smile filling her features. Reaching forward I felt the warm of her hands caress my cheeks before placing her hands together. Her eyes filling with tears.

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