What's Wrong With the Werewolf Genre?

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My opinions about the werewolf genre feel a little irrelevant for the single purpose that I rarely ever visit it now. 

There are two reasons I've pulled away from the werewolf genre and those two reasons are:

1). It doesn't excite me as much as it used to.

2). A lot of people and their opinions are stagnant and repetitive. 

And because of reason #2 I've found that my opinions (prior to my pulling back from the genre) had become the same. I'd begun to complain about the same themes over and again and it got really boring REALLY fast.

I'll go over those repetitive things quickly:

*Little originality

*Very little diversity

*Little shits complaining about not getting enough attention

*C*nts complaining that their work is original and endlessly put down others to reach their virtual goal of being at the top

*All the complaining in the werewolf forum

*Being a c*nt

And that pretty much was all that went around in my brain every time I went and looked in the werewolf genre (my brain is in reverse today, so if you see any weird words just ignore 'em).

So, because I haven't really been delving into the werewolf genre all that much I've kinda fallen off the bandwagon about what is cool, what is cliche and what needs to die. But there is one question I can answer without hesitation.

....what the f*ck happened to the werewolf genre?


Nothing happened to it.

There is nothing wrong with the werewolf genre, there is nothing wrong with the content found within the werewolf genre. 

The thing that is wrong here is how you (as the reader) approach it. If you're coming into the genre expecting amazing, well-written stories that are totally not cliche and as original as when the first Superman movie came out (we're talking vintage asf here) then you need to take it down a notch.

If you're expecting to be entertained like you might be when going to see a movie then think again. A book reads totally different to a movie and so it should, writers aren't here to cater to your specific need or want. 

You as the reader need to get off your ass and go look for those stories that you want to read, it might take a bit of work but the stories are there ffs. Stop going into the f*cking werewolf forum and complaining cause you were expecting A and ended up with Z!

Okay, I might have lied a little bit.

There is one thing wrong with the werewolf genre, there are too many stories! It's too deep of a genre to jump into...but seriously? Who the f*ck cares? I take it as a blessing that there are that many creative people willing to donate their time to write stories, knowing full well that there is a possibility readers are going to sh*t all over your ideas, others are going to accuse you of stealing and the like.

It's total bull.

Readers (and to some extent writers) need to go back to understanding that Wattpad is FREE, that means anyone with an inkling to write a story can! It's called experimenting, you should try it sometime. I wrote my first werewolf story and it was complete and utter shit, I'm not even kidding.

But, people commented, criticized and told me how to improve things and ya know what? I f*cking did.

I improved, I slaved away and you know what happened? F*ckwits still complained, so I said a huge f*ck you to everyone and ignored the stupid, hate filled trolls and kept writing the way I wanted to. Because after a while I realized, this place is too big to try and make every c*nt happy.

So, can I just reiterate that there is NOTHING WRONG with the werewolf genre! 

Absolutely nothing.

All you struggling writers, keep on writing! Don't let Adam and Paul tell you that your story sucks because your werewolves don't glow, aren't traditional or that you need more blood and gore.

Write the f*cking thing the way you imagined it, not how someone else wants it. 

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