Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

I didn't go to school for the rest of the week.

Imagine how much homework i'll have by the time i go back! Ugh! I don't even want to think about it! On the bright side, most of my days consisted of just sleeping and later at night, my friends would come over to chill or either watch a bunch of movies. Nathan called me also, which was weird recieving a call from the bad boy. But i'm not gonna lie, i kind of liked it.

"Adrielle? Honey are you awake?" that was no other than my mother, every day she would come in my room and ask me how i was feeling and well a bunch of other questions that i don't even want to bother repeating.

"Oh, yeah, do you need something mom?" I was not being productive today, but then again, I never am.

"How are you feeling?" See, i told you.

"I'm good"

"You know Adrielle, you can tell me anything"

"I know"

"Honey, um, your father and I talked with Dr. Marshall, thankfully nothing is wrong with you but you will be staying home for a few more days"

"WHAT!!!" Okay so maybe most of the time i didn't want to go to school, but come on, I have friends, and it's the only time I can actually leave the house without being asked where am i going and at what time i have to be back.

"Honey, calm down, it's bad for you to accelerate yourself like that"

"But mooooooommmmm! Like I can't miss anymore school, imagine all that homework I have!"

"It was just a suggestion from Dr. Marshall"

"To hell with Dr. Marshall!" I was furious.

My mom chuckled at that but gave me a stern look.

"Honey listen, you have been diagnosed with anxiety attacks and Dr. Marshall said it was due to stress. Right now you going to school is the last thing I want until we can sort it out. Understand?"

"Mom c'mon I'll be fine. I didn't know what it was before but have a little more faith in me."

She didn't say anything anymore and left my room.


It was around midnight when i had woken up. After the conversation that i had with my mom, i fell asleep almost immediately, something that's never happened before. But i was up now in search for food.

So yes, here i was, tip toeing, quietly. Well, at least I hope I was.

When i got to the kitchen, the first thing i did was start looking through the pantries, which by the way is a total fail. One advice, turn the lights on before even looking.

I ended back in my room with a small packet of chocolate covered donuts, some chips that were half way done, oreo cookies, tall glass of milk, and finally, some homemade cheesecake that was sitting lonely inside the fridge. Me being the good person that I am, brought it with me, so it can make company with the rest of the other munchies. I know, how thoughtful am I.

Cheesecake was going to be first. 'Save best for last' not today!

Holy butterballs! Was this a cheesecake to die for!

But of course, not all things go as planned. My phone started ringing, and i was brought down from cloud 9. Literally.


"Sup doll" that ladies and gentlemen, was no other than Nathan.

"I'm eating, call later" I didn't even wait for his reply, I was hungry after all.

I turned off my phone, so this time, i wouldn't get interrupted by anything. And guess what! It worked!

But i guess i should have never talked to soon...

There was a persisting knocking coming out from my window. For a moment I thought someone was coming to murder me but it was no other than Nathan.

First thing I noticed, he was holding a box of pizza. And the second thing i did was of course bring the pizza in.

"Wow, okay, sure, eat the pizza" he scoffed.


"You're seriously not going to ask how I remembered where you live and how I knew this was your window?"


"Are you even paying attention?"


Okay, so it was funny watching his disbelief face, it's something you never see. Other than that, i was having an intimate moment with the pizza. And by that i meant, stuffing my face with food. Just picture it, lovely isn't it? Oh just don't reply, it obviously is a beautiful sight.

"Want to be my girlfriend?"


"I knew that would get your attention!" he grinned.

"Yeah, and you almost made me choke"

"That's what she said" Nathan started laughing at his own joke. That's why kids, you don't do drugs.

"I don't think someone can choke on a tootsie roll" I said.

Now that made him stop laughing.

"Anyways, why are you here?" I questioned.

"Uh" he started scratching the back of his head, "Good question, too bad i don't know the answer myself."

"Whatever, you brought pizza so that's all that matters"

"Gee, way to make me feel special" he muttered.

"You can leave now, the door is behind you"

He scoffed once more, something he is quite doing a lot, "Are you serious?"

"No I'm Adrielle"

"Stop being such a smartass"

"I have yet to see one"

"Adrielle, this is what I mean!"

I never knew annoying someone could be this fun! Haha


"Oh so now you're playing the innocent?" and there he went again, another scoff.

"Mmm, take it how ever you want"

"Fine, give me my pizza back"

"Okay okay, sorry" I didn't want him taking the pizza away from me!

"What is that again, i couldn't quite catch it?"

"That you're a jerk! Now let me eat!"

"You're impossible"

"No, i'm innocent"


Short, i know. Sorry. I'll update soon. Have a project to finish and i'll update after thursday because that's when it's due. Haha & OMG! 926 reads! i'm dying! Not literally though, love you all!




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