Chapter 33

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---------------NALA'S P.O.V-------------

"Bruno?" Silence. "Bruno where are you?"

I walked through the darkness in search of Bruno as trees came up from the ground, blocking the open space and creating a barrier.

"Help!" Nobody was around to hear my screams."Help!!"


I turned and saw Bruno with his arms wide open, tears sliding down his cheeks.


I ran towards him, tears forming in my eyes when Bruno fell on his knees.

"This is your fault." He whispered.

He smiled as blood started dripping from his hands. His skin became as pale as snow and his eyes no longer glowed with the beauty that they once had. He closed his eyes and in the blink of an eye he was on the floor, bullet wounds across his back and puddle of blood under him.



I woke up, my shirt drenched in sweat as well as the bandages around my injured hand . I looked around the room in search of any source of light when the door swung open.

"What's wrong?" Bruno asked as he ran towards me, his hair in a tangled mess and his voice in a raspy tone.

I looked around the room as reality came back. I was back in Bruno's room with my favorite pijamas and the scent of cigarette in the air.

"What time is it?" I asked as my eyes adjusted to the familiar darkness.

"It's 3 am. I was asleep when I heard you scream. Is everything alright? Are you okay?" He asked, as he set something on the cabinet next to his bed. A gun.

"Umm yeah. It was just a nightmare." I said, as I sat up and let out a sigh.

Bruno's eyes filled with relief and he rubbed his eyes.

"Hey hey! Is everything alright?" Phillip said as he stormed inside the room, a gun in his hands.

"Yeah. Everything is fine. She just had a bad dream." Bruno explained as he signaled to Phillip through the darkness to put the gun down.

Phillip managed to see Bruno's signals through the dark and put the gun in his pijama pockets.

"Sure everything's alright?" He asked once more.

"Positive." I answered as sleep returned to my system.

"Alright. I'm going back to bed them. Night." Phillip said as he walked out the door.

I removed the bandages from my hand and put them on the cabinet next to Bruno's gun. I looked over my hand and was surprised to see a whole sowed up in the middle of my hand. I was temped to move my hand to see if it was better but I immediately regretted it when a shock of pain went through my hand.

"It hurts doesn't it?" Bruno asked as he tempted to examine my hand but failed as I flinched away.

"Yeah." I quietly responded.

He sighed and opened the cabinet. He searched for something and after a while of struggling in the darkness for a couple minutes, he got a new set of bandages.

"Give me your hand." He ordered as his normal voice returned.

I did as he said and watch intently as Bruno carefully covered my hand with brand new bandages.

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