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Many people claim the shower to be the place where deep thoughts come up but for me it is when I lay in my bed late at night, not being able to sleep because my mind is so occupied with thinking about so many things. Sometimes I even start to cry, caused by overthinking immensely.

I'm not the type of person who cries when something bad happens but rather when these bad things start to add up and I cannot take it anymore. This can be triggered by little things like my phone being broken or anything else which does not seem that much of a problem.

You have to imagine a barrel which is filled with water from time to time. After a certain amount of time there is only one drop needed for it to overflow completely.

I'm sure this does not only apply to me, I'm sure as heck that I'm not the only person in the world to experience something like this.

I'm a tough person and that is also what I want to think others of me.

Not only boys build an image in order to protect themselves, girls do exactly the same but rarely anybody knows that. Not only the "bad girls" but also the "good girls" create this image to build a wall that nobody is able to break down unless they let them.

Most of the bad girls are automatically labelled as sluts but nobody dares to think about the fact that there is more behind it. Honestly, when you think about a girl who is considered to be slut, do you think of her as someone with a personality ?

Of course not because those "sluts" are just some girls who do not have any feelings and their actions are a product of the cruelness and heartlessness. Note the sarcasm.

In all those High school movies, is there anyone who cares about Regina George or Sharpay Evans ?

Is there anyone who concerns themselves with why they act like they act ?

I'm pretty sure that even Jessica has her good sides but no one will ever know and you know why ?

Because nobody cares.

It is as simple as that.

That does of course not justify their actions and their cruel intentions but nobody is perfect. We are by no means some robots who can make their feelings disappear but only suppress them.

People like that have something they hide, even Jessica builds some kind of wall but this goes into another direction.

Mostly, there are two kinds of behaviour: You have been hurt and want others to suffer for it or you have been hurt and want prevent others to go through the same.

Let's take Sharpay as an example. She is crossed in love with Troy and tries to get his attention. She works hard for her career, for Troy, for basically everything and then Gabriella strolling around the corner and takes away everything she is trying to achieve for an eternity.

To be honest, I'd be pretty pissed, too. Like in the typical High school movies, she tries to get the attention of a boy, she is hopelessly in love with but do you know what the difference is ?

She represents the worst case scenario a.k.a. reality which triggers her behaviour towards Gabriella.

Normally, these movies represent a utopia were the popular guy coincidentally falls in love with the shy girl.

The girl is mostly portrayed as the victim of the whole story because her struggle is obviously stated in the movies but never is anywhere shown the inner battle Sharpay is fighting with her emotions and thoughts.

Just like many girls in reality, she fights for her dreams and for the guy she loves but does not succeed.

The problem is that the movies makes us believe that there must be only one victim and that is apparently the shy girl.

The film industry is not able to show the complexity of a human being because it is mostly aiming for success and not for criticising the society.

I think that it is important for people to realize that everyone has feeling and is complicated in their own ways.

Of course it is hard and you don't have to be with someone who is cruel to you but people need to understand that everyone has their own story, their own past and their own things to deal with and just because people cannot understand their behaviour, it doesn't mean it is pointless.

Of course a perfect human being does not lie, cheat, drink, swear...but it also does not exist. It is easy to judge but more important to understand.

We're all in the same game, just in different levels. Dealing with the same hell, just different devils.

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