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Two day time skip, The twelve demigods are sitting in the fields trying to figure out what the weird purple box is.


I sat with my he'd resting against Jason shoulder and while Anna be that Reyna compared notes over the research they did.
"So any guesses?" Percy asked leaning back on one hand,
"It's not a bomb, or a time machine, or a spy device and all we could find out about what it might be is the fact that it sent magic pulses to all of us when we were sleeping, like it was regenerating us." Annabeth said pulling a blond curl behind her ear and chewed on her pencil as she scribbled out some notes.
"A gift from Hecate maybe?" Will asked fiddling with his hands.
"But why would she send us a gift in the middle of nowhere and then also not say it was hers?" Jason asked pushing his glasses up.
"Hey guys, I think I know what it is," We all turn towards Leo and he smiles before saying,
"Creepy, now let's stop messing with it. I personally don't want to start another war." With that my best friend stood up and marched back to th house,
"Leo-" Percy stood up to follow him but was cut short.
"Don't," We all turn towards Calypso who is staring at her lap,
"He... He had a nightmare... about dying again." We all froze,  no one had spoken about that since he came back from rescuing her.
"He said it hurt and that he doesn't even trust his own power anymore," Calypso sobbed and Hazel bolted to her side,
"I went through the same thing, my powers became a curse and at times still are but you've just got to learn to fight your fear and eventually it goes away,  he won't be like this forever but for now we have to just let him be and help him needs it," Hazel muttered while Calypso cried into her shoulder.
"Hey guys, found out anything?" Ginny asked sitting down next to Will.
"We know it's not a spy device or a time machine, it sends off magical pulses at night but other than that we've found out nothing."
"It's more than we have, Harry and Ron are too busy being clueless and Hermione is freaking out about the fact that she hasn't done her homework." She sighed and fiddled with her hair.

"Well at least they're trying, don't forget to remember that all of you just came out of a war," Annabeth said looking up from her notes. Ginny sighed nodding. I wonder how long we can hold this up for? It's really hard to act like you know nothing about something when you know everything.

"Hey guys! It's lunch!" We all get up and follow Ginny into the house as Leo leaves. Hazel and Calypso follow him muttering.
"Save some for us." I nod and we walk into the kitchen, there Arthur and Molly were talking with Harry and everyone else was eating.
"So you kids are going to hogwarts soon, how about we go shopping tomorrow and try and sort out the whole buying tickets for the train thing, today," Arthur said smiling we all nod siting down. I try to remember what Calypso, Hazel and Leo like to eat but for some strange reason can't.

Hey guys thanks for reading! I'm sorry for the sucky ending the other half of this chapter will be better but for now I've got some questions. Would you like good or bad Draco or no Draco, also if any of you guys like drarry or Slytherin Harry the check out The Hidden war by KingsDragon it's really good. Now have a good night!