He's Different

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WARNING! Smut! I will warn you when It is coming up. And sorry about the picture... wish I could have warned you sooner xD

Mark's POV (don't act like I wasn't gonna do his POV xD)

     I walked into the locker room. That kid in the hallway... He was... different. I blushed at my thoughts. What am I thinking?! First of all, this is a student! Second of all, he's a guy. Mentally slapping myself, I looked around. Welp, guess I gotta move on with my day.


     I yelled at another student today. Yeah, I know I'm an asshole. But I'm strict for a reason. These students need to learn, and if that means I need to be strict to get them to, then I'll do it. It's last hour so I guess I better get ready to leave soon. I walk out of my office when I spot someone. A specific someone.

     The kid from this morning is sitting on a bench, looking at his phone. What's his name? I continue to stare. After a little bit, he looks up, around the room. His eyes land on me and he quickly looks away. His facial expression looking angered. I barely hear him growl something.

     "You." Does he hate me? I was rough on him this morning...

     The bell suddenly rings, ruining my time looking at him. He gets up, glaring as he passes me. I follow him out into the gym. I continue to watch him go and sit down away from people. He seems to know I'm looking at him, but ignores it. Then he suddenly freezes. What's wrong? Why is he still all of a sudden? I follow his eyes to some girls whispering. Are they talking about him? I walk over to the girls calmly. 

     "Excuse me, ladies. But do you have something you want to share with the class," I glare at them as the exchange glances.

     "Actually, yes," the blonde one speaks up. The other girl glares at her. Hmm, this will be interesting.

     "I was just talking to my friend here," she points to the brown hair girl, "about how strict you are. Would you like to explain why?" She smirks like she just won a fight.

     I return the smirk making her freeze and scoot closer to her friend. "Why, yes. I'm strict to teach you students a lesson. You kids can't listen without being rude to me, so I am strict to get you pay attention. Is that all, miss?"

     She nods her head and I smile softly. "Okay. Then may you please go to the office to talk to the principle. You have one hour of detention after school."

     Her friend gives her a look as if to say 'I told you so' and the blonde girl stands up, glaring at me. I watch as she leaves the gym, and then I look to the green headed kid. He's looking at me in shock but quickly changes his expression when I look at him. I give him a soft smile and he blushes. Hmm, I wonder what else I can make him do~ Giving my head a shake as if to get the thoughts away, I turn around and walk to the front of the gym.

     "Okay, students. As you just saw, I won't take any shit from anyone." I look around before continuing, "I will do what I can to make you learn, and if something like what just happened, happens, I will not think twice to send you to the office. Anyways, my name is Mark Fischbach, but you will call me Mr. Fischbach."

Skip the dip

     Everyone was dismissed to change out before the bell rung. I can't get the green head kid out of my mind... According to my schedule, his name is Seán but he likes to go by Jack. He was sweaty in class, he clearly couldn't do much, but still tried hard. The image of him being sweaty while he worked out wouldn't leave my mind. 

Smut Warning!  

     I noticed my member was excited so I had to do something about it. I waited till the bell rang and made sure nobody was left. Quickly pulling out my member, I started rubbing. Moans escaped my mouth and I went faster. Gripping the side of the chair, images of Jack in class, sweaty after work out, filled my mind. This caused me to go faster and I felt myself close. 

     "Jack," moaning as I released. I blushed at the fact of what just happened and quickly cleaned up the mess.

Author's note~

I actually just did that 0-0 Well, whatever. Hope you liked it xD This is my first smut writing so it may not be that good. Give me feed back, should I write another story today? Thank you for reading, see yeah!

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